Monday, June 1, 2009

More fun In Destin!

We have had a good time as you can see. Today we took out our float "ray" which looks like a GIANT stingray. We bought it in Destin in 2005 when we got engaged. Andrea and I were floating along and having a nice time when a school of ( i think) mantarays came cruising by. Then after that heart attack... this huge fish started stalking us. He was about 20" and looked like a catfish. She was out of the water in 2 seconds and I stayed behind cause I was on ray and the fish would not leave me alone. After about 10 mins. I realized he was some sort of sucker fish and was trying so hard to attach himself to my float but could never get a good hold so he just went everywhere I went. If you google "remora" you can see what he looked like. Crazyness.
We followed that excitement with a dinner at cafe 30A. They had a 2 for one special so we had some awesome food!


Courtney said...

Ugh. Griza's AND Cory ate at 30-A, my fav restaurant down there, potentially my fav restaurant anywhere. Dangs! Glad you had fun though!

grizaham said...

Good times here in FL.. That was seriously good eats at 30a.. My back burn kinda stinks though.. ;) Worth it!

Scott Terry said...

I have never heard of Cafe 30-a! must go there next time.

Lori C. said...

Fantastic pic of you and Eric. Turquoise is a great color on you Laura!

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