Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iphone 3GS vs. 3G!

We are a few days into our new phones now and so far so good. Is it a huge difference? No, not really. The biggest things for me are the video, better camera, and quickness. It's all about what is important to you. For me, with electronics but especially with Iphones, I like the biggest, baddest newest, and I always sell my old ones to buy new ones so that I maintain some value
so say, for instance last year, I sold my old phone for $385 and bought my new one for $299... so I got the new phone and made $85. However if I had waited to sell it this year and upgrade to 3gs then I would have only gotten about $125 for it... IF that much. So this year I sold my 3G for $300 and my new one cost $300 so I broke even, but I have the newer one with twice the storage space etc. That is probably my biggest reason to upgrade.. staying current!
If you wanna see side by side specs you can click HERE

Welcome to our newest adapter Jessibears Design Roe chapman Otwell! Hooray!


grizaham said...

Yeah i like the new 3GS. Seems faster and the camera is nicer. Video is sweet.. And i LOVE the compass feature. Sometimes its just cool to know what direction you are facing. ;)

Jessica Chapman Otwell said...

thanks for the shout out, holla!

Andrea said...

So if the 3GS is $300, why would someone pay $300 for the 3G???

Scott Terry said...

I think ill stick to my 3g. I will say I love the video feature and I am a little jealous!

KellyFranks said...

E & I made the switch too!!!

Linzy said...

I still have a Nokia ... without even a camera. And if they sold Zach Morris style cell phones still, I would have one of those..

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