Monday, June 8, 2009

The Great WWDC 2009

Big times at the WWDC today. I watched online in real time and was REALLY excited! To sum it all up in simple terms here is what was announced:
- A new laptop in every variant of the mac line. All faster, better, longer battery life, and very environmentally friendly with Energy star gold ratings.
- New Operating System called Snow Leopard,which is loaded with new features but mostly improvements over old ones. It takes up less space on your computer and moves faster. Safari may finally be up to Firefox standards with web browsing.
- Iphone 3.0 Software ( free upgrade) with Cut, copy, Paste, Landscape mode in all apps, MMS/Picture text, Ability to rent and purchase movies, tv shows etc right from your phone, tethering, faster internet loading, ability to trace your lost phone using mobile me ( GREAT feature to protect against theft),push notification, framework for turn by turn GPS ( TomTom has created an app for this, but where is GARMIN?)
Iphone 3.0 available next wednesday!

NEw iphone 3GS announced. S stands for speed. Much faster, new 3MP camera with autofocus, video, voice control, built in compass, support for nike + HOORAY!, much improved battery life, most environmentally friendly cell phone yet, comes in 16G & 32G white or black, price reductions on lower models to just $99. New phone available June 19th.


grizaham said...

So the update will give me MMS?? That so rules
Looking 4ward to it

Jessica Chapman Otwell said...

thanks LG!!!

Scott Terry said...


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