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Granpa's Political Corner: Response to Chad G

Thanks to Chad G. for the comments. Congratulations to you for having and appreciating the many wonderful things our society offers the citizens of our nation.

The Constitution's first amendment offers five "rights" preceded by freedom in each instance. Maybe we can sense some of the changes going on by taking freedom of speech and looking at the way it has evolved.

I think freedom of speech started out as the ability of someone to mount a soap box and express their view on a subject and sometimes, if one presented an interesting view, even have people stop and listen. When the topic was sufficiently pertinent the audience became larger, sometimes even national. The speaker then decided that he/she needed more attention to the perceived problem and to get that attention his followers would march in the streets. This was felt to be an expression of free speech even though it violated the civil rights of those not participating in the "demonstration". No matter how worthy the cause, the marching violated the "rights" of non-participants by denying them access to the streets and to businesses along the way. So we decided that we could tolerate this in the name of "humanity". I remember being on the way to the hospital when president L.B.J. came on the tube and declaired that it was acceptable for people to lie in the streets to force people to become aware of their cause. The government thus effectively says that we now have to "listen" to the expression of free speech (we have lost the freedom to not listen). We have lost this freedom along the way in small snippets here and there and by trying to help some we felt needed support.

Lets take the invasion and occupation of our country by millions of migrant citizens of a foreign nation. First take a peek at Europe. Europe has accepted the migration of very large number of migrants, there are too many to assimilate into their society and the migrants have formed enclaves of their own, many of which are totally foreign to the invaded country. Is America following this pattern? We have organized marches of these migrants in our streets, they demand citizenship and attendant rights of citizenship. We, citizens of the United States, are denied the enforcement of our laws and stabilization of our borders. What are we loosing? Our education system is being forced to institute Spanish to accomodate those who break our laws. Our children are forced to learn at the level of the migrants. Our children are exposed to cultural mores that do not fit into our society. Our medical system is under stress and emergency rooms are filled with Spanish speaking migrants requiring the presence of interpreters so they can be treated. You and I may not be directly affected by these things (through taxes we pay for them) but by accepting them we are allowing the erosion of our great society. The future of our nation may be at risk and in the meantime you loose control of the monies you pay in taxes.

If you want a business loan from the bank you will need to convince the bank that there is a viable plan for you to repay the loan in a reasonable manner. The bank needs to know how you are going to use the loan and if you are failing to use the money they may ask you to pay off the loan. Substitute "federal government" for bank. When a state or municipality take money from the federal government there are strings attached and the government beginss to tell us what we teach, how it is taught, etc. Slowly, bit by bit, the federal government assumes greater control and we don't even know we have lost it.

As you noted. The migrants generally are industrious and work hard. Do you have any thoughts on why Americans will not do the same? Consider welfare in the United States. Why would one do hard work when the federal government will give them welfare checks, food stamps, etc.? This may not directly effect you and I but taxes pay for it. We are loosing income that we have earned and should be able to dispose of as we choose.

Enough already. This is way too long and the subject so large.

Be safe.



Chad G. said...

I can't get into the debate about Spanish speaking in our society because I don't think it's a problem. But let's assume that it is a problem and Mexicans pouring into our borders is a problem. It's not their fault, it's ours. We make it so they want to come here. Why? Two reasons. 1) Mexico sucks. It's the drug infested toilet of North America. It's no coincidence that Latin America looks like a gastro-funnel attached to the USA's ass. We send guns to Mexico in return for sending cocaine up Wall Street's nose. I'm sure everyone who reads this blog at some point in their lives has consumed drugs from Mexico. I know I have. Hell I've even bought drugs in Mexico myself. Who would want to live in a country with a primary economic driver of supplying the richest country on earth with drugs when the only payment it gets is weapons to keep the drug cartels powerful enough to kidnap the baby daughters of honest businessmen for ransom and chop them up in little pieces while they split the random money with the police? I tell you what, I'd sure as hell swim across a dinky dried up river to a place with honest cops, honest jobs and a Chick Fil A on every block. That's like FANTASY LAND to me. You think I'd care if there's some 22 year old border patrol agent that tells me I'll get into trouble if I don't speak English? Dang man. That's just silly.

That brings me to #2, we hire them! Lots of them! Everybody hires them. They work hard. They show up. They work for very little money. We don't care if they don't pay taxes because it means it costs us less to hire them than the white guys down the street who live in a house that's too large, drive three cars and spend most of their time arguing about sick leave, vacation time and when the cable guy is going to come repair their signal. Sorry Granpa - I'll hire me some Mexicans any day of the week. Hell, I've even done that too before! And let me tell you, those three Mexicans moved boxes out of my apartment faster than I could count out the $20 I agreed to pay them. Compare that to the next time I moved, I actually hired a moving company. A white guy and a black guy showed up. Not only did it take them six hours to move one third as many boxes as before, they broke my television and charged me $364. You tell me I'm making a bad decision when I hire Mexicans next time and tell that to every other farmer, contractor and factory manager you see.

So, I understand you are frustrated because you don't want to learn Spanish and you don't like Mexicans taking over our country. But they're NOT the ones dragging us down. We're doing it just fine by ourselves. Combine our fat lazy asses with all the crackhead single mothers out there and we'll be arguing for centuries before we even get a hair's length to heaven on the debate about who's fault it is that poor Mexicans are seeking safe, honest lives the only way they can. We'd both do the same in their shoes.

Granpa said...

Chad. You have made some observations. Now comes the interesting part. Please take an observation and ask why and what should we do about it? For example. Mexicans work harder than their American cpunterpart. If you ask why it will lead you into our welfare system, the education system, who controls them, what freedoms has one lost in allowing government to dictate, and many other avenues of thought. Asking what should we do about it leads you into politics and greed and power, etc. Finding answers to the questions is not easy and some conclusions one may not like. However, we need to confront our problems and try to solve them.

I find life more interesting if I ask why when I make some observation. I guess Newton asked why when an apple fell on his head. Unfortunately, our way of life does not allow time for most of us the luxury of thinking. We are too busy earning a living.

Chad G. said...

Why do I have to do anything about my observations? I'm not the one having a problem with my freedoms or my standard of life. I'm perfectly happy with the world as I experience it, but then I'm also of the opinion that if I don't understand the language someone is speaking, I'll make an effort to learn their language instead of insisting that my language is the only one that is valid. It's a matter of perspective, I suppose. Some people view the world from a stance that their perspective is right and everyone else needs to comply. Others view the world as a collective culture that requires understanding.

I agree that our welfare system is garbage. There are a lot of political issues I have a problem with, but I also have a great deal of respect for our democracy. I believe it does work.

grizaham said...

I agree with both of you. Chad i love chick-fil-a. Americans are too fat and lazy.. We NEED stronger border control.. Shoot to kill. But then i think well let them in cause America rules and i love mexican food although they really don't have cheese dip.. Then i think well just shoot em.. But them I think man I hate African American month and colleges that only accept black peeps.. That is SOOOO RACIST!! THe NAACP??? Are you kidding me????
Then i remember i hate talking about these things cause things never change! ;)

Chad G. said...

What? Mexico doesn't have cheese dip? America with Chick Fil A and Mexico without cheese dip is enough to explain a serious, serious traffic jam in the Rio Grande.

I'm starting a cable channel called WET (White Entertainment Television). Prime time will feature The Office, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and Seinfeld reruns (oh and American Idol).

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