Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Granapa's Political Corner: States Rights

After many, many requests to hear from Granpa, here you go!

States rights and personal freedoms have been eroded over time. Dr. Corsi in his book "The Late Great U.S.A." pointed out the gradual encroachment across Europe until the European Union became established. Will the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" be the point where a North American Union can become a reality?

Diversity, multiculturalism, dual citizenship, political correctness and others are destroying our society and seem to come from federal oversight. We have millions of citizens of foreign nations flowing into our nation and our federal government wants to reward them with citizenship in the United States while allowing them to retain citizenship in a foreign nation.

Krikorian in his book "The new Case Against Immigration" suggests we stop immigration, at least for a period of time. The federal government claims that immigration is the province of the federal government and they alone have the "right" to enforce immigration laws. May I inject some thoughts? Can we compare our residence to our nation? Seems to me if I can legally defend my residence from invasion then we should be able to legally defend our country from invasion.

What is the purpose of our immigration policy? At least in theory our immigration policy establishes both the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of immigrants we wish to allow to join us in this great country. Quantity is important in that it allows us to assimilate the immigrant into our society where they become a part thereof. The federal government has, perhaps correctly, laid claim to the control of immigration and enforcement of immigration policy.

A nation is defined by its borders and by a form of government uniquely its own. All nations determine their own immigration policy. In the United States of America we have rules and regulations that define requirements that need to be followed in order to immigrate into our nation. One can not immigrate into a nation without getting permission from the government, indeed one can immigrate only into a nation. The process of immigration is legal and the person undergoing immigration is a legal immigrant. By definition it is not possible to be an illegal immigrant. What then are we to call the millions of citizens of a foreign nation that have invaded (an unwanted intrusion) and occupied our nation? Just call them what they are - MIGRANTS. A migrant is not an immigrant.

In order for a locality (town, city,state) to establish some control of its destiny it seems logical that they, like the nation, should be able to determine the QUALITY and QUANTITY of the migrants into their community. This has nothing to do with immigration and should not come under control of the federal government. A given locality can, by using careful consideration and thought, establish what lengths it will go to in order to support migrants, wherever they may be from.

Perhaps you disagree. Perhaps these thoughts may stimulate further ideas on your part. Perhaps this could be something to begin reclaiming our state and local rights.

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Chad G. said...

As much as I like to grab my pitchfork and burn the barn where Mexicanstein is hiding, I'm not threatened by illegal immigrants who work harder for less money than most natives. If we don't like it, then we can stop hiring them to build our homes, roads and bridges. Greed is a powerful force to observe.

And exactly which of our state and local rights need reclaimimg? My quality of life has never been higher than it is right now. Gas is relatively cheap. Food is widely available at a number of grocery stores within a 1-mile radius of my home. If someone trespasses on my property, I am legally allowed to dismember them with a dull butter knife and hang their body parts from a tree in my front yard.

My point: As long as people have plenty of food, water, shelter and are generally able to move around town without being shot at (East Nashville notwithstanding), then a revolution is not on the horizon I'm afraid. In the great scheme of nature this set of conditions is pretty luxurious. Everything else is just cream on top.

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