Friday, June 19, 2009

Eddie Veddar : Nights 1 & 2

Eddie Veddar was in town this week playing the Ryman both Wed and Thursday nights. We went each night with 2 totally different experiences. Eddie is an interesting dude to say the least. He played an acoustic type set just him and did a lot of story telling, and the dude talks circles around himself but it is still interesting and funny! Everyone there was VERY energetic. I have never been to a concert where as soon as the doors open not ONE.SINGLE.PERSON gets in line for beer but EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON. races to the merch table, AND drops atleast $100 if not 2 or 300 on merchandise. It was crazy!
Night 2 however, was a complete bust. The crowd again was very energetic, but also it seemed a little drunk, and unruly. There were security EVERYWHERE they walked up and down the aisles to make sure there were no cameras and would threaten to take away cell phones. The Ryman, if you didn't know, is SERIOUS about some rule following. They do not play! Which i was annoyed with the first night, because at my ripe age of 30, I don't care to have someone sitting on my shoulder every second monitoring my cell phone usage. HOWEVER, the 2nd night I really came to appreciate it. Last night, is one of those nights where I wished I was a boy so that I could bring out my inner Hulk and beat 3 boys to a pulp. I was actually considering several courses of action, but Erik talked some sense into me, after I turned around and screamed a small rant to them.
These 3 dudes were LOUD, wasted, and being so disruptive none of us in that section could hear. They would also boo and scream " you suck" as loud as they could so it was pretty annoying, however when they started taunting people ( throwing pennies and making fun of Erik's shirt. Mine was solid black so I guess they had no jokes for me) and picking fights with the guy behind me, threatening to beat him got kind of crazy and they FINALLY got kicked out, one by one, but not before assuring all of us in that section " this wasn't over" and they were totally gonna beat us all up after the show since "they would be waiting outside" yeah.... awesome. I was honestly so annoyed at that point I didn't have any fun. The one redeeming part of the night was when Eddie brought this like 8 or 9 year old little girl on stage he met the night before. He let her sit up there and sing and dance with him and she was thrilled so it was super cute!


Shay said...

I am more than jealous. (except for the jerks you had to deal with).

grizaham said...

Yeah the concerts were so sweet. Very cool to get to see Eddie up close and personal. I just think he may need to lay off the hard core drugs every once in awhile but i guess that is the life of a rock star! Eddie!

auhays said...

I would have loved to see him but a bad crowd is a show killer. I would have definitely overreacted, LG!

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