Sunday, June 7, 2009

The ColdPlay Concert.

WOW. I mean really. I had heard from so many people this was the best concert they had ever been to, and now I know they are so right. I mean, let me first say I was not a Cold Play fan to begin with. I don't do Europop.. (U2.... GAG me) but I did like a few of their songs.. namely Yellow and Fix You.
Two of our friends got married a few years ago, Joe & Samantha Newcomb, and their first dance was to Yellow. They ballroom danced to it, which sounds tragic, but was such a beautiful moment. I came right home and bought Yellow in iTunes...and think of them everytime I hear it.
That picture above is of all the huge Yellow confetti balloons they released during that song.
Fix you, is like our theme song. I seriously cry everytime I hear it. If you have ever seen someone you love, shattered or several people you love, then you can totally feel that song. AND they played it last night and it was awesome. Click HERE if you have never heard it.

Chris Martin is a genious. He doesnt care about being famous, or partying but he cares very much about being an artist and that was evident. He reminds me of Brandon Flowers with his professionalism. He did lots of neat things, and was SUPER pationate the whole time. I mean he was jamming and sweating a ridiculous amount! They moved (the whole band) to the back of the auditorium for a few songs to let people back there get a good experience. They dropped confetti all over everyone which I was enamored with and then all of a sudden they turned on black lights and all that confetti started glowing in the dark! I LOVE things that glow in the dark!!

And just when you think that was the highlight of the show he goes and does something even cooler. He had them turn off all the lights, and asked everyone to take out their cellphones and turn them on and started a wave where everyone held up their cellphones. SO many people were there that it looked like stars lighting up the sky and was sooooo cool. He kept calling it a "Mexican Wave" and that I could not figure out, ha but we liked it all the same.
He is also really goofy and dancy and just so neat. So before the concert I was just OK with them, and afterward really in awe of them. I am scared to even say this out loud, but they are pretty beatle-esque.
I think regardless of your love for ColdPlay it is one of those must see, must experience kind of shows. Money well spent!

PS they totally gave out a free CD at the end of the show! Who does that?


grizaham said...

A great concert! One of the best for sure! Being sooooo close to the stage helped a lot too! :)
And yes, U2 is garbage...

Next up

Eddie Vedder

Courtney said...

Wow! That looks insane. Well I definitely will have to go next time they are in the area. :)

KellyFranks said...

Yes, unbelievably phenomenal!! I totally got the beatle-esque vibe too! What a show!!

auhays said...

Great photos! Better than mine...did the come from iPhone? I like Erik's next 2 stops! I miss the 'Roo. U2=garbage?? Gotta know what U2 yer listenin to. LOVE their old stuff

grizaham said...

Ok ok. Joshua Tree ruled but I just don't get them now.
Those pics where taken with the iPhone!

Samantha Newcomb said...

AWW thanks for thinking of us when you hear yellow and although i haven't been commenting very much on the blog i look at it all the just keeps me crzay busy! we miss you guys!
p.s. we are going to nyc in august and you guys should give us some suggestions on anything and everything :)

Chad G. said...

It was the most incrediblest show of the world. I was not a Coldplay fan, but I wanted my wife Jennifer to go because she loves them. When we got there, I was completely blown away. Now I listen to the free live CD they gave us all the time! Awesome - totally one of those teenage go to a concert love it then go home and buy all the albums kind of a show.

Courtney said...

I am just so glad to hear that I am not the only person on the face of the planet who doesnt like U2! sooo glad yall had fun!!

Kyle said...

Lady Pizz and I saw them in ATL, and will be going to see them in Charlotte, NC in August. Will be mucho fun.

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