Monday, June 22, 2009

Brentwood House Porch Project

If you have ever been to the Brentwood house you know it has an awesome screened in porch! Everyone loves that room so Julie & I have been working to update it and put her own personal touch on it. Our theme is ....wait for it...... MEXICO! ha and it is super fun!
There is a neat old glider on there and it had gross cushions on it so we tossed those and had to make our own since it is not a usual length or width.
We began our process at JoAnne's Fabrics buying the foam core and then rapped them like presents in tailgate tablecloths so they would not absorb any rain water!

Bossie was our assistant and helped hold down the cushions.
Here I am teaching myself Sewing 101 again. I have to relearn every time I break this thing out. I just realized this weekend that I have had it since college so it has some miles on it!
Final Result: New cushions! Throw pillows from World Market!
Isn't it pretty! We changed the bed sheets to bright orange with BEAUTIFUL shams from Target.

as you can see the boys have been super helpful!


grizaham said...

Bossie is a great helper! Porch looks great!

Courtney said...

the new cushions look great!! i love the colors!

jenn said...

Oh, the prch looks so great. I'm happy that it looks so happy!

Andrea said...

The porch looks awesome! I love the bright colors!

Grum said...

It's a great porch!! Great work!!

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