Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bonnaroo! We Made It!

Believe it or not we didn't take tons of pictures! Not sure why! We did have a great time and came home super tired! We camped from Thursday - Monday so that was quite a long time out there. The first night our air mattress deflated and so we had to start sleeping in the Walters' pop out camper! One of these days I will finally convince Erik to get us a VW Westfalia Camper Bus!
I plan to do a comparison blog on the difference between VIP 'Roo and regular 'Roo. Because believe me it was QUITE a difference.
As for the music... I cant believe it but Snoop Dog was truly my favorite all weekend. He was a fantastic and energetic performer! Lots of fun! Also really liked Phish Night 1.
Bruce Springstein "The Boss" was really boring. I don't know why he is popular, and some people really loved him but I was not one of those! He totally took over the Phish Stage night 2, and I literally fell asleep. I was really sad to miss Girltalk lizzybears, but he didn't come on till 2:45 AM and I just couldn't stay up anymore. Erik went and said it was crazy and awesome. I had really been looking forward to Eryka Badu... and she was 30 minutes late ( no apology) then walked out there with TONS of attitude. When you have 75,000 people sitting in the hot sun, planning their eating and bathroom breaks around start times for different stages,... it is really important to be on time, and if you aren't on time, you should at least pretend to care!

Miss Kanye Badu here:
Cory hanging out in the one the VIP tents that was so pretty with provided tables, chairs and lawn chairs and SHADE that sat up on a hill with a fantastic view of the main stage. Also had its own separate REAL bathrooms.


Anonymous said...

Whats a 'Griza'?


NORTIE said...

sounds like some BIGfun ya'll...P H I S H !

Courtney said...

Awesome! Looks like it was fun. Based on the pic of Cory, I'm definitely a VIP kinda gal. Sigh. One day.
Let's hang out soon before the Griza tour is off again! ha!

lizzy said...

2:45AM?! wow. I can only imagine. I'm very glad you guys had fun. Jealous.

grizaham said...

Bonnaroo was so sweet.. Phish rocked.. Bruce Sprinsteen was pretty bad.. At one point he preached to the crowd for about 10 minutes about taking all the sadness and using it to build a house of happiness.. Thanks for the wisdom Boss.. And then when i was back at the camp i heard him playing santa claus is coming to town.. This guy has lost it.

Snoop dogg, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Al Green, Beastie Boys, Jimmy Buffett, Wilco, and all the others we saw were pretty sweet..

Thanks ROO!

Cory Holder said...

VIP was the way to go! ROO!!!

Chad G. said...

Thank you for coming back and wiping the blog bullseye off of my forehead....next time you go on vacation don't sick Granpa Corner on me the day before you leave town! I'm glad you guys made it back safe and didn't fall victim to the serial killer that was on the loose down there!

auhays said...

Did you guys see Phish in Knoxville? My brother went. Glad you made it back safely! Any good Wookie stories?

Amy said...

I am glad ya'll had fun but even more glad to have all three of you back in my life!

Courtney said...

glad you had fun and cant wait to see your beautiful faces!! hey, did you spot any celebs?

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