Friday, June 26, 2009

The Best Dog Shampoo EVER!!

This is some doggy, quick bath, for when tub baths are too much work! ha but They also make regular shampoos and stuff. I tell you its the best smelling doggy item EVER. You must try it. It is "Lavender & Mint" scent. I got this at World Market but you can get lots of places if you just google it like
Ralphie & Bossie do not love the idea of being sprayed with anything, but they get many more snuggles smelling good than smelling like little yard dogs!


grizaham said...

I'll take your word for it! Cute bottle though! ;)

Shay said...

I need some for our pups. The stuff we have now smells like old lady perfume. It's worse than just having a naturally stinky dog.

Grum said...

We should get some for Roscoe!!!!

Cathryn Sypert (Mandy) said...

This is what I use for Brodie! He smells soooo good! :) I can't wait for him to meet Ralphie and Bossie!:)

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