Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mod Podge Filing Cabinet! 3rd Time's a Charm!

Neat Majeat! It was really not that hard or time consuming. Kind of like wrapping a present. I think using a bigger print would probably have been better on this, or any larger projects cause that small print can make you dizzy! But I was shopping for discounted fabrics and this was the only one that really appealed to me.
If you are interested in doing this I would say you need:
  • Large Size Mod Podge ( cheaper at JoAnne's than Michael's)
  • 3 yards of fabric, although i really used only 2 b.c I patched it some places
  • sponge paint brush
  • Spray gloss (optional)

I Finally Went to the Framer...

I think framed art always looks fantastic, BUT i NEVER, EVER want to pay for it. I don't know what it is about me that feels totally OK with dropping mad cash on a purse or a cell phone, but spending $5.99 on mod podge or $100 on framed art is soooo hard for me to do! ha But, I have finally done it ( sort of) I took 2 of our recent concert posters to JoAnne's fabrics b.c I had a coupon for 50% off custom framing. They turned out really well and it was just a tad over $100 to have both framed. I have some plans to tweak our living room a smidge. Still not satisfied with it and I don't know why! But I want to make a concert poster collage on one wall. Another Collage? yes... another one. I love them.

Mod Podge Take 2! I'm learning....

This could actually take the place of spray paint in my heart! I am loving it! I found out it is MUCH easier when you use fabric than stinking wrapping paper. I had this fabric on hand from a previous project and of coarse the spray paint from my other stuff this weekend so I touched up the frame, covered the cushion and mod podged that last step to match. Now it is not quite so atrocious sitting around the house, cause no matter how often I put this stool up, I always need it 5 mins later so mostly, it never gets put away :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flea Market Finds: June 2009

I went to the Flea Market Saturday and BOY was it HOT. I had to rally several times so that I didn't just leave. Having had to park 4 miles from the entrance was almost motivation enough ...
Bubs told me "Don't spend any money" which when translated into Laura, means about $30 ... so that is what I took and believe it or not I only spent about $20
I got:
some jewelry for $1 each
some breathe rights. ( If you dont know what these are .. go get some. sexy? no... totally awesome ? yes)
An old fashioned canning guide for my dad who's personal goal is to Can 100 cans of something every day. ( He is achieving that goal too! )
2 Retro Pillowcases. My collection is growing.
Some lavender incense for Juliel and Me.
Some Grateful Dead Bears on Guitar Picks earrings.
A Flock of Brown Plastic Birds.

The birds mystified everyone... so I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. I had big plans for them though. I spray painted them white see:
And then hung them in the bathroom to discover they are too small for that wall. Ohs wells. I will just move them to a new home never as soon as I feel like doing all that nail work again ha.
PS I did alot of spray painting this weekend. ALOT. More to come on that throughout the week.

First Timer Decoupage

Well i have seen many a "Before & After" on the Design Sponge Blog that has inspired me to give it a go. Since I am a first timer I used a table from our basement that I bought off the side of the road last year for $5. You can see it has been painted a few times, which ended up causing me a lot of extra work. dang! I had to scrape and sand quite a bit....

Then I , of coarse, spray painted it with a primer, then white gloss finish.
Then I gave my first decoupage a whirl. Hmmm.. not as easy as I thought it would be, however I think it would have gone much better if I had used either thicker paper or fabric. The end result has some wrinkles.

and on a side note Mod podge costs $5.99 which is kind of a rip off for glorified glue. I think I could have mixed some Elmers and Water together for the same result...

Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson :(

August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009
My condolences to other MJ Fans ( Caro, JessiDesign, Brent) It is crazy to believe he is dead.

The Best Dog Shampoo EVER!!

This is some doggy, quick bath, for when tub baths are too much work! ha but They also make regular shampoos and stuff. I tell you its the best smelling doggy item EVER. You must try it. It is "Lavender & Mint" scent. I got this at World Market but you can get lots of places if you just google it like drugstore.com
Ralphie & Bossie do not love the idea of being sprayed with anything, but they get many more snuggles smelling good than smelling like little yard dogs!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Progress at the Brentwood House!

Juliel let me have this vintage tupperware pickle holder and I LOVE it! We have spent days going through all the kitchen cabinets and dishes and replacing some worn out pans and what not! We have been very busy! thus... no blog updates.

This particular cabinet had 157 glasses in it! dang!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iphone 3GS vs. 3G!

We are a few days into our new phones now and so far so good. Is it a huge difference? No, not really. The biggest things for me are the video, better camera, and quickness. It's all about what is important to you. For me, with electronics but especially with Iphones, I like the biggest, baddest newest, and I always sell my old ones to buy new ones so that I maintain some value
so say, for instance last year, I sold my old phone for $385 and bought my new one for $299... so I got the new phone and made $85. However if I had waited to sell it this year and upgrade to 3gs then I would have only gotten about $125 for it... IF that much. So this year I sold my 3G for $300 and my new one cost $300 so I broke even, but I have the newer one with twice the storage space etc. That is probably my biggest reason to upgrade.. staying current!
If you wanna see side by side specs you can click HERE

Welcome to our newest adapter Jessibears Design Roe chapman Otwell! Hooray!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Perez Hilton's Video and "personal attack"

Did you guys see that? If not you can click here ( explicit language).. I mean the whole thing IMO is kind of laughable... The basis is that he got punched by a member of the black eyed peas for what he has been saying about Fergie on his website. He says super mean and horrible things about them on there and has millions if not billions of readers so his words carry a lot of weight.
Anyone who has the nerve to talk like that and hob nob with his subjects at the same time should expect such things. I'm actually shocked that he has not been punched before.
He is saying that violence is never the answer and that words should never bring about violence, but I just disagree. Words can be much more hurtful that physical pain and he is a bitter and MEAN dude! Entertaining? , yes! rich from what he does? yes... but all that comes at a price and he just paid it. That 's just life perez!
What did you guys think? Deserved or Totally wrong?

Brentwood House Porch Project

If you have ever been to the Brentwood house you know it has an awesome screened in porch! Everyone loves that room so Julie & I have been working to update it and put her own personal touch on it. Our theme is ....wait for it...... MEXICO! ha and it is super fun!
There is a neat old glider on there and it had gross cushions on it so we tossed those and had to make our own since it is not a usual length or width.
We began our process at JoAnne's Fabrics buying the foam core and then rapped them like presents in tailgate tablecloths so they would not absorb any rain water!

Bossie was our assistant and helped hold down the cushions.
Here I am teaching myself Sewing 101 again. I have to relearn every time I break this thing out. I just realized this weekend that I have had it since college so it has some miles on it!
Final Result: New cushions! Throw pillows from World Market!
Isn't it pretty! We changed the bed sheets to bright orange with BEAUTIFUL shams from Target.

as you can see the boys have been super helpful!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fleetwood Mac Concert

Fleetwood Mac concert was really fun! They talked a lot during the show ( which I love) and talked about how they opened for Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin which is crazy awesome. They also talked about their tumultous relationships and so forth so it was very interesting.
They played all our favorites and both of them looked very young! I think Stevie is 61? .. anyway we all had a great time with the Usserys and great seats thanks to Sandra!

You Should Not Be Surprised by This!!

If you read any Internet news source then you know the NEW IPHONE 3Gs came out last Friday. If you read this blog EVER then you know I went and stood in line immediately. Line was not near as bad this year, length wise, I was in line about 3 hours, BUT it was very hot and the guy in front of me didn't feel like wearing deodorant that day so I was pretty uncomfortable all 3 hours. Add to that I was hungry and had to TT desperately but would not leave my place in line AND that when I finally got inside AT&T messed up our eligibility plans and only wanted to discount my phone and not Erik's even though I called them twice before going to get in line to make sure we were in fact eligible on both lines. It was a nigthmare, as any contact with AT&T generally is. I have never met a more ignorant set of people.
The other day the AT&T phone girl told me that there was no new iphone or MMS for iphone.. I tried to educate her but she was not having it , and assured me repeatedly that she was an expert on the iphone.....
Anyway... I say all that to say it was a long painful day. Self inflicted (yes) and totally worth it? (yes). We had a Fleetwood Mac concert that night and I wanted to surprise Bubs with it at the concert cause he was at work. I thought he will either be very angry or very excited, and he was........... very excited! (whew).

So then I rushed home ( i had one hour to shower and be at restaurant to meet Sarah & David) and Juliel and I both got ready, called a cab and waited on him for 45 minutes.. he stood us up. He did call though and say he was out front so we attempted to get out there, and the first time we set the alarm off, so we run and fix that. The second time, Ralphie escapes out the door, the THIRD time, Flossers escaped out the door, then when we finally got out there and the house locked, alarm on in the 103 degree weather... that joker was not even out there. Grrrrrrrr
Friday was not my day. We did eventually make it to the restaurant 1 hour late ( sorry Usserys) and we did have a great night with some totally rad phones! Phone and concert review coming soon!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blog Issues #2 UPDATE

Thanks to Chad G for figuring this out!
If you are accessing the blog from the lauragraham.blogspot.com address that no longer works, however you can go to www.thegrizasonline.com and that DOES work!
Email updates are not working right now and I will be checking on that.

Also side note PLEASE use the email address lg2006@mac.com when you email me, and JUST that one! thanks

and lastly if your first name begins with an "A" or "B" then i lost all your contact info on my computer... no idea why .. but can you send it to me? Thanks a Million!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Blog Issues

I have heard from several folks that they are either having issues bringing up my blog OR they are not receiving the email updates.... Please leave a comment and let me know if you are having issues! Thanks

Eddie Veddar : Nights 1 & 2

Eddie Veddar was in town this week playing the Ryman both Wed and Thursday nights. We went each night with 2 totally different experiences. Eddie is an interesting dude to say the least. He played an acoustic type set just him and did a lot of story telling, and the dude talks circles around himself but it is still interesting and funny! Everyone there was VERY energetic. I have never been to a concert where as soon as the doors open not ONE.SINGLE.PERSON gets in line for beer but EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON. races to the merch table, AND drops atleast $100 if not 2 or 300 on merchandise. It was crazy!
Night 2 however, was a complete bust. The crowd again was very energetic, but also it seemed a little drunk, and unruly. There were security EVERYWHERE they walked up and down the aisles to make sure there were no cameras and would threaten to take away cell phones. The Ryman, if you didn't know, is SERIOUS about some rule following. They do not play! Which i was annoyed with the first night, because at my ripe age of 30, I don't care to have someone sitting on my shoulder every second monitoring my cell phone usage. HOWEVER, the 2nd night I really came to appreciate it. Last night, is one of those nights where I wished I was a boy so that I could bring out my inner Hulk and beat 3 boys to a pulp. I was actually considering several courses of action, but Erik talked some sense into me, after I turned around and screamed a small rant to them.
These 3 dudes were LOUD, wasted, and being so disruptive none of us in that section could hear. They would also boo and scream " you suck" as loud as they could so it was pretty annoying, however when they started taunting people ( throwing pennies and making fun of Erik's shirt. Mine was solid black so I guess they had no jokes for me) and picking fights with the guy behind me, threatening to beat him up...it got kind of crazy and they FINALLY got kicked out, one by one, but not before assuring all of us in that section " this wasn't over" and they were totally gonna beat us all up after the show since "they would be waiting outside" yeah.... awesome. I was honestly so annoyed at that point I didn't have any fun. The one redeeming part of the night was when Eddie brought this like 8 or 9 year old little girl on stage he met the night before. He let her sit up there and sing and dance with him and she was thrilled so it was super cute!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The 2009 Garden..

My garden has fallen to the way side this summer as we have not been home enough to tend it! dang! But we do have a few soldiers who have made it through the torrential downpour EVERY day!
The only problem is I have no idea what they actually are... well some things i know but some I dont.

Anybody got any idea what this is? Is it spinach or lettuce or something?
These might be weeds? but since they are in a straight row i think they could be plants? ha

One of the Coolest Inventions Since the Iphone....

It's a cross between a man bag and a fanny pack and it's brilliant!

Ya'll know we travel around a lot, so I am drawn to anything that makes that easy! I have been a long time fanny pack supporter which really amuses sister in law Juliel! This new contraption replaces my fanny pack love.
I was walking around Bonnaroo and saw this Hippie wearing one and was like dang! How did he make that? I thought he must have cut the strap off a laptop bag and edited it but alas.. they are for sale and less that $30... Great for concerts, festivals, tailgates, traveling, airports etc..
Anyway check it out! It is called a "Runnur"

It has pockets on the front and back and a built in wallet & water bottle holder and a carabineer to clip your car keys on it. During Bonnaroo I had a flashlight and sunscreen clipped to mine!
And let me just say it took some SERIOUS arm twisting of Erik before he let me buy it! I don't know why but he was not tryin to feel it for about the first Three hours I asked nagged.
Another great plus is that it is streamline and keeps your valuables close to you and visible which is really nice when walking through huge crowds like 75,000 people at Bonnaroo or wandering the streets/subways of Europe! I was always paranoid about my backpack since I cant see it and cant tell the difference between someone bumping it or unzipping it!
***Also as a side note I would like to add that mine is solid black and does not have that tacky red stitching.***

Why You Should Go VIP to Bonnaroo

If you never plan to go to Bonnaroo then skip this post, but I have to put it out there for people who search on Google with questions. Erik and I googled it a lot to see if it was worth the money and didn't find much info, so I thought I would put some out there!
So here are some reasons why going VIP is a must:

1. See the difference between the sections? Vip is all those green chairs spaciously spread out in a natural amphitheatre, while regular tickets are all those 75,000 peeps to the right. They provided those chairs which were awesome!

2. No LINES! We drove right in and bypassed the 8 miles of traffic backed up on the interstate! Also getting into Centeroo all weekend was a breeze as you can see below. Our Entrance:
Regular Entrance:
3.Lots of air conditioned, comfortable chairs, and SHADE in the VIP lounges.

4. Real Bathrooms & Showers. That is more awesome than you even can imagine it is. Also there are not lines for the VIP bathrooms like there are everywhere else.

Anyway those are your main reasons! There are some other ones like a Free Buffet and cocktails on Thursday night, special vendors and areas to hang out , camping right next to centeroo instead of 2 miles away etc.. but you get the point. It's basically where all the adults camp!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of HEre!

I am absolutely addicted to this show! Has anyone watched it? I originally started watching it when Speidi was on, and since they left her sister Holly has taken their place. All of the people on there are actually really intriguing since it is very much a reality show.
I will have to say John Sally ( an NBA player) cracks me up constantly.. and Sanjya from American Idol will really surprise you. He is FIERCE on this show. Janice Dickinson is C-R-A-Z-Y and always looks as though she has bathed in petroleum jelly.
Anyway if you have not watched it yet you can see all the episodes online HERE
or catch the current ones on TV Tues & Mon nights 8pm.

Other TV Shows on the roster
  • So You Think You Can Dance
  • Weeds ( New season just started)
  • CSI (every city)
  • My Soaps *always* (make fun if you must)

Bonnaroo! We Made It!

Believe it or not we didn't take tons of pictures! Not sure why! We did have a great time and came home super tired! We camped from Thursday - Monday so that was quite a long time out there. The first night our air mattress deflated and so we had to start sleeping in the Walters' pop out camper! One of these days I will finally convince Erik to get us a VW Westfalia Camper Bus!
I plan to do a comparison blog on the difference between VIP 'Roo and regular 'Roo. Because believe me it was QUITE a difference.
As for the music... I cant believe it but Snoop Dog was truly my favorite all weekend. He was a fantastic and energetic performer! Lots of fun! Also really liked Phish Night 1.
Bruce Springstein "The Boss" was really boring. I don't know why he is popular, and some people really loved him but I was not one of those! He totally took over the Phish Stage night 2, and I literally fell asleep. I was really sad to miss Girltalk lizzybears, but he didn't come on till 2:45 AM and I just couldn't stay up anymore. Erik went and said it was crazy and awesome. I had really been looking forward to Eryka Badu... and she was 30 minutes late ( no apology) then walked out there with TONS of attitude. When you have 75,000 people sitting in the hot sun, planning their eating and bathroom breaks around start times for different stages,... it is really important to be on time, and if you aren't on time, you should at least pretend to care!

Miss Kanye Badu here:
Cory hanging out in the one the VIP tents that was so pretty with provided tables, chairs and lawn chairs and SHADE that sat up on a hill with a fantastic view of the main stage. Also had its own separate REAL bathrooms.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Granpa's Political Corner: Response to Chad G

Thanks to Chad G. for the comments. Congratulations to you for having and appreciating the many wonderful things our society offers the citizens of our nation.

The Constitution's first amendment offers five "rights" preceded by freedom in each instance. Maybe we can sense some of the changes going on by taking freedom of speech and looking at the way it has evolved.

I think freedom of speech started out as the ability of someone to mount a soap box and express their view on a subject and sometimes, if one presented an interesting view, even have people stop and listen. When the topic was sufficiently pertinent the audience became larger, sometimes even national. The speaker then decided that he/she needed more attention to the perceived problem and to get that attention his followers would march in the streets. This was felt to be an expression of free speech even though it violated the civil rights of those not participating in the "demonstration". No matter how worthy the cause, the marching violated the "rights" of non-participants by denying them access to the streets and to businesses along the way. So we decided that we could tolerate this in the name of "humanity". I remember being on the way to the hospital when president L.B.J. came on the tube and declaired that it was acceptable for people to lie in the streets to force people to become aware of their cause. The government thus effectively says that we now have to "listen" to the expression of free speech (we have lost the freedom to not listen). We have lost this freedom along the way in small snippets here and there and by trying to help some we felt needed support.

Lets take the invasion and occupation of our country by millions of migrant citizens of a foreign nation. First take a peek at Europe. Europe has accepted the migration of very large number of migrants, there are too many to assimilate into their society and the migrants have formed enclaves of their own, many of which are totally foreign to the invaded country. Is America following this pattern? We have organized marches of these migrants in our streets, they demand citizenship and attendant rights of citizenship. We, citizens of the United States, are denied the enforcement of our laws and stabilization of our borders. What are we loosing? Our education system is being forced to institute Spanish to accomodate those who break our laws. Our children are forced to learn at the level of the migrants. Our children are exposed to cultural mores that do not fit into our society. Our medical system is under stress and emergency rooms are filled with Spanish speaking migrants requiring the presence of interpreters so they can be treated. You and I may not be directly affected by these things (through taxes we pay for them) but by accepting them we are allowing the erosion of our great society. The future of our nation may be at risk and in the meantime you loose control of the monies you pay in taxes.

If you want a business loan from the bank you will need to convince the bank that there is a viable plan for you to repay the loan in a reasonable manner. The bank needs to know how you are going to use the loan and if you are failing to use the money they may ask you to pay off the loan. Substitute "federal government" for bank. When a state or municipality take money from the federal government there are strings attached and the government beginss to tell us what we teach, how it is taught, etc. Slowly, bit by bit, the federal government assumes greater control and we don't even know we have lost it.

As you noted. The migrants generally are industrious and work hard. Do you have any thoughts on why Americans will not do the same? Consider welfare in the United States. Why would one do hard work when the federal government will give them welfare checks, food stamps, etc.? This may not directly effect you and I but taxes pay for it. We are loosing income that we have earned and should be able to dispose of as we choose.

Enough already. This is way too long and the subject so large.

Be safe.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making Dreams Come True!

The Bonaroo app made approval in time andcwas released today! So great
to be able to make our set list and have maps right on our phones.

How To Properly Wash Swimsuits

1.Start with a good quality swimsuit and it will last longer Many companies now use chlorine resistant fabrics. Robby Len, Jantzen. and T.H.E. Swimwear are some I carry at Laraine's. If the suit is Chlorine resistant it will be included in the description. Chlorine still can harm these swimsuits it will just take longer. Also buying a suit with more spandex content is good. The suit will hold its shape better and help you hold yours.

2. Wash the swimsuit by hand with a mild soap after every use.
Plain water does not remove the chlorine or salt water.

3.Never wash your suit in a washing machine.
Just gently hand wash it in the sink and hang it indoors to dry. The washing machine will breakdown the lycra and ruin some of the bra cups that are sewn into many swimsuits.

4. Do not dry your swimsuit in the sun or in a dryer.
The sun and the dryer are both hard on the lycra and spandex in your suit. The sun will speed fading and both will cause the breakdown of the elastic quality of your swimwear.

5.Alternate swimsuits
Try and give your swimsuits at least 24 hours to dry before reusing. The spandex is a memory yarn. The swimsuit needs the 24 hrs to go back to its original shape. This will help stop the problem where your suit keeps getting longer.

6.Be careful where you sit, lay, and lean
Pool sides and many decks are rough so you don't slip. It may not feel rough to the touch but your suit will find it rough. It will run and pick the bottom of your suit or the front if your leaning over the edge. Take the extra second to sit or lay on a towel. Your bathing suit will last longer and you'll be happier. I remember a few years ago I had a black Bikini and sat apparently in some pool chemicals and didnt know it. It ate right thru my bottoms without actually making a hole, but still embarrassingly sheer!

7.Sunbathing for the sun worshipper
When possible do your sunbathing before you swim. The sun and water combination makes your suit wear out quicker. If swimming first is what you prefer and your able to- change into a dry suit to do your sunbathing.

8.Hot tubs
What can I say. Hot tubs are extremely hard on swimsuits and will destroy them quickly. The Bromine used and the extreme heat will fade and stretch your suit out faster than anything else. I have seen it happen in one wearing. So when alone wear a bathing suit your tired of then clean it like I recommended above. Be sure and wash and rinse it very well to get all of the chemicals out. Several of mine and erik's swimsuits have been "yellowed" from Hot Tubs.

Obviously I read all of the above elsewhere and paraphrased etc otherwise it would be full of mistakes. ha Anyway... I got the cutest swimsuit at wal-mart of all places past weekend ($15) so I was reading about how to keep care of them and thought I would share.

Happy Pool Days!

Little Stevie Turns 12!

Dang! He is growing up so fast! Below is his birthday party 2 years ago at the Skate Center! Still a little boy...

And here is he now! 12 years old and almost a TEENAGER! Yikes!
Erik teaches him how to Grill!
The Family!
This is the Height/growth chart I made for him at the Brentwood House.One each year on his birthday! He has that tall Graham man gene!
He wants us to call him Steven now and that is sooo hard to remember.. and so hard to accept that he is no longer little Stevie! Craziness!

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