Thursday, May 28, 2009

On The Road Again.....

If you had not noticed on twitter we are back in Monroeville! Richard, my cousin turned 12 Tuesday and we had a surprise party for him! It had the best food of any surprise party I have ever been too! Tenderloin, lemon pepper wings, huge shrimp, squash dressing, green beans, homemade salsa, brownies & poundcake. I am sure I have left off some things. It was delish!

He was surprised and he really enjoyed it!
Mom's courtyard where Dad fried fish in his new birthday fryer. It feeds approx 4.5 BILLION people.
Mom's hydrangeas! Sooooo jealous of these! She has so many different types and colors of them. One day she will make my yard look like hers!
Dad's ginormous garden! Tonight Marshall Colquett & Jessica Pettis, and Erik & I are gonna drive to Paul Sunshine Nielsen's abode and bring him a bunch of veggies from this garden!
Also we get Wilbur today!! I am sure he will be excited to see us again!


Cory Holder said...

Lovely, yummy and come home...we miss you!

grizaham said...

Absolutely love monroeville and the Colquetts

Cary said...

OMG, how many does your Dad's garden feed? It looks huge!

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