Friday, May 1, 2009

The Last Vegas Blog: Summary

You guys probably noticed that we had the MOST fun in Vegas town! We are now home and catching up on sleep and house works! There is a monsoon outside so our jungle of a yard must wait!
I have so many pics and good times but here is a small summary:

The Bellagio Light show at night when we had a beautiful dinner on the patio! Light show was every 15 mins.

Lots of HUGE fancy hotels that look just like we were in Italy:
I loved this area of the Wynn.. Beautiful flower balls and strings of white lights! Sara - I totally went to the Jo Malone store in the Wynn and got myself some Birthday perfume and the lady gave me like 4 fistfuls of samples so that was really fun!
The regular Vegas pose!
The best memory of the trip! We had to come back for photos another day b.c it was super crowded around all the signs the night of the actual show! We saw "O" another night and we both dosed off it was so boring.
M&M store. We also went to the Coke store since Erik loves his cokes, but the taster bar was closed. boo
Beautiful desserts at the chocolate store in our hotel We had that Key lime mini cake for my birthday!
The end. It was COMPLETELY fabulous!!


ml said...

SO glad you guys had fun! Happy Birthday to you!

Alex said...

So, so glad you had the best birthday ever! I hope my 30th is just as fun! The pics are making me want to go back to Vegas el pronto!

jenn said...

So happy that you had fun!

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