Thursday, May 14, 2009

James Taylor @ TPAC

So last night we saw James Taylor at TPAC. James Taylor is someone I have always, always wanted to see! but dang what a disappointment! Erik and I both agreed he was in the bottom 3 concerts of all we have seen. The problem was, (our ignorance) in that he was promoting a new album full of cover songs.. .so he played very few of his own songs. It was just really weird and cheesy. He is a quirky man... picture Steve Jobs with a guitar...
Anyway I am sure he is great any other time.. just not when promoting a bunch of cover music! dang!

Oh well! Elton John & Billy Joel on Saturday!!


jenn said...

That is SO sad! I have been to so many of his concerts and they are always FAB! Crap!

auhays said...

I saw him at Oak Mountain in '03. That was the first concert I had ever been to that people sat through the whole time! It was enjoyable because he played all his bests, but the crowd needed someone to check their pulse.

grizaham said...

It really wasnt that bad! Everyone one there was very surprised to "people our age" there and a few told us that.
Stupid cove songs.


What a bummer! I've been to a bunch of JT concerts... well like 3. And they were always great! So it was definitely the covers. Go buy the double-live album (circa late 90's??). It's good stuff.

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