Sunday, May 17, 2009

Elton John & Billy Joel!

We started our night with Marti, Cocolicious, Sandra Les & Bret, David & Sara Ussery at Broadway Brewhouse. We got all caught up and then hit the show. We had a Great time seeing them all again.
We got to our seats and they were literally the last seat in the house. as high up as you can go in the deck.. so high up that we could not even see the jumbo tron and my legs got sick. Ever since Sky diving in like 2001, I get so weirded out by heights. Not in my head, but my legs go numb from the knee down... so there I was WAAAAAY up high and being the girl that has to TT like 45 times an hour that was not the most pleasant place to get up and down from!
Even so we had a great time. Sir Elton is pretty awesome. He was very charismatic and took a bow after every song. Billy Joel was fun and talked a lot to the audience which I am always a fan of! Afterwards we attempted to go out downtown but it was super crowded and we were all very hungry!

We leave VERY early in the morning and are off to see Granpa & Glo in Sunny Florida!


Courtney said...

yes it was sooo much fun!!!

grizaham said...

Despite the seats, one of the best shows to date. Good job Elton

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