Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Rock Night

American Idol Rock Night was last night and while having our party I plugged in porch lights that blew a fuse. Once I got that all fixed it didn't occur to me how it would wreck our DVR and so we missed pretty much all of last night show. We watched some of it on the internet but still missed out on all the commentary.
With that said, I though that it was almost unfair how Rock week was made for Adam and Allison and that they were paired up for the duet. I enjoyed all of it, and I also liked Kris's Beatles song. I have no idea who is going home. Danny or Kris I think?
I feel a little jaded toward Allison now that it has come out that she has already scored a contract and won a similar contest. Just like Carly did a few seasons ago I think that is unfair and tricky...
So Paula's performance tonight! Woah! That was surprising and I cant quite make up my mind about it. I think it's cute that she went through all of that so she could relive the Glory days. It was not completely disastrous... just a little contrived. No Doubt was a crazy performance too. I love Gwynne but dang.. that was a little too much running around and not enough singing..
What did you guys think?
ohhh that just announced Allison is going home. I am Ok with that. She is definitely good enough to still be there! Her final song was amazing... but it is what it is.


tiny e said...

Danny needs to scream on! I am happy that Kris made it into the top 3, yeah!!!

The Living Legend of West Byrd Street - a.k.a. B-Unit said...

Ok. First things first, Paula is a disaster.. WTF was the point in that? She didn't sing a lyric and it looked like organized chaos on the stage.. I really hope this is her last year with Idol... Kara, while someime annoying, actually forms an opinion and makes sense.
Second, as much as I have always loved No Doubt, that performance was hideous.. why would she choose that song if she can NOT SING it anymore?? Why not sing something else if you are just going to run around and murder the vocals of a song??? didn't make sense to me and i didn't like it...
The end result of the night was ok for me, but i didn't know that Allison had already inked a deal.. regardless, I didn't see her winning the whole thing anyway..

jenn said...

I'm also glad that Allison was sent packing! She is such a great singer. I hope that whatever label signed her they make her take some voice lessons. . . she needs to pronounce all her words... farewell allison! :)

chad g. said...

Slash being the mentor was so incredibly bada$$. Everyone left is really good and will be successful so I'm somewhat indifferent. But Danny choosing Dream On was stoooooooopid.

grizaham said...

Slash is the man! I was surprised Gokey didnt go home but who knows at this stage!! Its exciting but the reality is after the show is over i will never hear any of them again! hahaah
Unless i make the trip to the AI tour in ATL which i wouldnt mind doing! hahaaha

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