Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Judge's Choice

WOAH! Crazy night. The Judge's choice was not great for any of them I think. So round one was all a big fat zero for me. The second round I loved.. BUT... dang I am sick of Adam screaming. I love him and I think he should win .. but he has so much more in his box than that rocker scream and he keeps breaking it out and it just ruins the songs. Also on his Aerosmith song the back up girl totally drowned him out and made it sound weird. UGH.
But.... and I am sad to say.. I think Danny is going home. I totally thought it would be Kris before tonight but he saved himself with that Kanye song. He pulled a great Mraz performance with a song that everyone knows.*smart*
Simon summed it up pretty well.


grizaham said...

My top 3 order
1. Kris

2. Adam
3. Matt

Kris is in another league. He took a terrible song by and even more terrible human and made it sweeeet. Adam is a nice guy i guess but all he does is scream and stuff. Matt did good on the cocker song.

Kara is a blubbering idiot. Simon is the man.. Randy wears stupid clothing. Paula is looking good these days. ;)

The Living Legend of West Byrd Street - a.k.a. B-Unit said...

I don't know Laura, we might need to agree to disagree once again.. (our life story, ha ha!!) I thought the judges choices for Adam and Kris were excellent! not so much for Danny.. now, not that I loved the way they sounded, but I did really want to hear Adam sing One and I thought Kris should have sung Appologize a few weeks back when they got to sing Top 40 songs.... as for the second round, I thought Danny was going to redeem himself by picking Joe Cocker, since he has a rough voice like Joe, but somehow I still wasn't impressed.. and I almost lost it when Kris said he was going to do Kayne.. and he did a very good job... not to hard to guess Adam would do a rock song, and I do agree with you Laura on the fact that his loud notes are sometimes a little much.... anyway, I hope Kris can hang on for one more week and make it to the final show... he deserves it for being a consistent performer for the whole show..

jenn said...

I'm agreeing that the first round didn't do too much for me.
I will however go on record as saying that Kris kicked their asses last night. That Kanye song was a brilliant move. SO great. I have been an Adam lover from the start so I say that Danny is giong home...
p.s. i think that Simon is worried that Adam is gonna go home b/c everyone 'knows' that he's gonna win... he basically said "call and vote for Adam"
Erik~ You shouldn't be so hard on Kara. I think that she might just like to say stuff to piss Simon off! :)

Julie Bray said...

OK, so I can't stand Kris...
not sure why, just don't like him.

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