Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ahhh Internet! I have missed you!

We are currently in the Orlando Airport Food court.. just ate some gross and overly priced Asian food and then discovered our flights were delayed so we have a good 3 hours to burn and the internet can surely help with that!
We had a great time with Granpa & Gloria. She cooked huge yummy meals for us every day and Granpa made some fancy breakfasts! They really took great care of us!
Our only bummer of the trip was we brought the rain down with us and didn't get to swim or tan any! Granpa & Gloria have a beautiful backyard and pool area! I loved their whole house! It is the perfect Florida house!
Below is Granpa brushing Sadie dogs teeth, which he does every night. Don't you know Ralphie would LAUGH in my face if I tried to brush his teeth! ha

This was our dinner the first night! Crab Cakes, Lobster & Shrimp! dang! Delish!!

This is our rental car... I thought we were getting a 300Z or whatever those sports cars are but turns out THIS was a "300" ugh.. We used DOLLAR RENTAL .. and dont EVER use them. The woman talked 500 miles an hour and once we got a look at our reciept we saw why. she is adding every extra service you can think of to our bill. So I called to change it and they said we had to be in person... so we drove to Melbourne to the nearest Dollar Rental place and it was OUT OF BUSINESS>.. so we wasted that time and trip for nothing and there was not another one unless we went back to Orlando... so we got screwed. I say all of this to say.. learn from our mistakes and look over that rental car agreement with a fierceness!
The end.


grizaham said...

The trip was great except taking off from MCO in a thunderstorm! ;)
See ya'll again real soon Grandpa and Gloria!

Courtney said...

car rentals are the pits! glad yall had fun tho!!

Cary said...

Well that meal looks divine! Bet y'all did have fun!!

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