Sunday, May 31, 2009

Destin, Fl with The Warrens!

We are having a GREAT time in Destin. The weather could bot be more perfect and the water is absolutely beautiful. To make it even better Brother Wade is the boy scout of the beach and brought everything we could possibly need when on the sand. Day one no sunburn for me , but a great tan!
We hit up the outlet mall and got some new shorts since we were both strugglin in that department. They now have a Restoration Hardware outlet here! Neat!
Dinner at The Back Porch last night , followed by some time at Pat O's with Jessica P and Marshall Colquett ( I need to figure out a speidi type name for them since we know so many Jessica and Marshalls! Leave your suggestions after the jump!)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

And You Thought Your Doggle Could Smile.....

Until you saw this crazy joker! Can you believe his little hillbilly grin? He does it all the time... probably cause his name is "Junior". His other family members are named " Buck" , "Sweetpea", "Hammer" & " LuLu"....

Digital Makeover by The Lettered Cottage!

My sweet momma got my bro and I digital makeovers from Layla over at the Lettered Cottage. Below is a pic of his actual house and the following 4 pictures are the digital makeover from Layla. She is doing my dining room and I cant wait to post the results.

On The Road Again.....

If you had not noticed on twitter we are back in Monroeville! Richard, my cousin turned 12 Tuesday and we had a surprise party for him! It had the best food of any surprise party I have ever been too! Tenderloin, lemon pepper wings, huge shrimp, squash dressing, green beans, homemade salsa, brownies & poundcake. I am sure I have left off some things. It was delish!

He was surprised and he really enjoyed it!
Mom's courtyard where Dad fried fish in his new birthday fryer. It feeds approx 4.5 BILLION people.
Mom's hydrangeas! Sooooo jealous of these! She has so many different types and colors of them. One day she will make my yard look like hers!
Dad's ginormous garden! Tonight Marshall Colquett & Jessica Pettis, and Erik & I are gonna drive to Paul Sunshine Nielsen's abode and bring him a bunch of veggies from this garden!
Also we get Wilbur today!! I am sure he will be excited to see us again!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend!

Some of our favorite friends were in town, however Juliel and I decided at this point there are pretty much family! We had a great time and dinner at Rumours East on the patio and did some fun shopping around town! I am behind on all postings due to computer issues but hope to alleviate that soon!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My MacBook is under the weather....

You may or may not have noticed my absence on the blog and that is due to a sick computer. We have been super busy lately in and out of town AND My computer has had some issues ( self inflicted) for a week or so now and it is under repair. It estimated 198 HOURS till it would be ready so... I'm just sitting and waiting and kinda goin crazy with my computer! dang!
Hope everyone is having a fabulous and safe memorial weekend!

AGENT18 Iphone Cases...

This weekend while in TJMAXX ( the best place on earth) Scott discovered these great iphone cases for 3G. They are
  • hard plastic
  • very sleek so that the phone maintains its shape
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Phone can be placed in Dock while case is on ( that is a huge plus)
  • Several color options
Normally cases like this run you about $20-25 bucks. TJMAXX has them for $5.99! Sweet! Anyway just wanted to let you guys know in
case you had never tried this brand before.
FYI they do NOT fit first gen. iphones!
Also many normal Apple store products are being sold (much cheaper) in TJMAXX these days like Griffin, Incase, & Speck stuff for laptops and iphones!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Season Finale!!

WOAH! I absolutely LOVED American Idol tonight! What a great, entertaining show! It was so fun! We had the Grouts over and got down!
I loved loved loved the Black Eyed Peas performance, Jason Mraz, Lionel, and the Bikini Girl skit was off the hook. I laughed soooooo hard when Kara came out there and blew her away! She also has a great body ! hope I look like that at 38! dang!
I also really loved that Norman Gentle came back! I love him so much! I hope he gets an act together and starts traveling! He makes me laugh so hard!
What about Megan trying to DANCE ....OMG i hurt for her! That was so terrible. Not to mention how awful her singing was. Good thing she is purty.
I about cried when Scott was back on. He is so sweet! I am glad he is on the tour.
So did you guys enjoy the show or what?
I am SHOCKED that Adam didnt win. That is bananas. totally wrong! but he will have a sucessful career regardless.....

Ahhh Internet! I have missed you!

We are currently in the Orlando Airport Food court.. just ate some gross and overly priced Asian food and then discovered our flights were delayed so we have a good 3 hours to burn and the internet can surely help with that!
We had a great time with Granpa & Gloria. She cooked huge yummy meals for us every day and Granpa made some fancy breakfasts! They really took great care of us!
Our only bummer of the trip was we brought the rain down with us and didn't get to swim or tan any! Granpa & Gloria have a beautiful backyard and pool area! I loved their whole house! It is the perfect Florida house!
Below is Granpa brushing Sadie dogs teeth, which he does every night. Don't you know Ralphie would LAUGH in my face if I tried to brush his teeth! ha

This was our dinner the first night! Crab Cakes, Lobster & Shrimp! dang! Delish!!

This is our rental car... I thought we were getting a 300Z or whatever those sports cars are but turns out THIS was a "300" ugh.. We used DOLLAR RENTAL .. and dont EVER use them. The woman talked 500 miles an hour and once we got a look at our reciept we saw why. she is adding every extra service you can think of to our bill. So I called to change it and they said we had to be in person... so we drove to Melbourne to the nearest Dollar Rental place and it was OUT OF BUSINESS>.. so we wasted that time and trip for nothing and there was not another one unless we went back to Orlando... so we got screwed. I say all of this to say.. learn from our mistakes and look over that rental car agreement with a fierceness!
The end.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Elton John & Billy Joel!

We started our night with Marti, Cocolicious, Sandra Les & Bret, David & Sara Ussery at Broadway Brewhouse. We got all caught up and then hit the show. We had a Great time seeing them all again.
We got to our seats and they were literally the last seat in the house. as high up as you can go in the deck.. so high up that we could not even see the jumbo tron and my legs got sick. Ever since Sky diving in like 2001, I get so weirded out by heights. Not in my head, but my legs go numb from the knee down... so there I was WAAAAAY up high and being the girl that has to TT like 45 times an hour that was not the most pleasant place to get up and down from!
Even so we had a great time. Sir Elton is pretty awesome. He was very charismatic and took a bow after every song. Billy Joel was fun and talked a lot to the audience which I am always a fan of! Afterwards we attempted to go out downtown but it was super crowded and we were all very hungry!

We leave VERY early in the morning and are off to see Granpa & Glo in Sunny Florida!

Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions...

I have been plagued with thin hair my whole life! It drives me crazy! Matt tells me no to extensions as often as he tells me no to the purple streaks I request. I believe his exact words were " Reign it in Keisha" ... ha
Anyway upon one of my recent trips to TJMAXX I discovered all these boxes of Jessica Simpson/Ken Paves Hair extension line and for entertainment decided to check them out. Little did I know how much I would love them! They come in a zillion colors so you can match your color right there in the store and they are super comfy and realistic! I totally bought one ( on clearance right now from $12-$19... Retail $80-$300)and wore it to the concert last night.
I asked Courtney 2.4 billion times if it was looking Ok and she with everyone else loved it! It was super fun to have a head full of bouncey pretty hair! The one I bought is pictured on JS above and here I am wearing it below before the Elton/Billy Joel concert!

Friday, May 15, 2009

FYI: Mac software Update 10.5.7 released this week!

In case you didnt already notice Apple released a software update this week for all macs. You can click HERE and read the list of what is included in the update.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

James Taylor @ TPAC

So last night we saw James Taylor at TPAC. James Taylor is someone I have always, always wanted to see! but dang what a disappointment! Erik and I both agreed he was in the bottom 3 concerts of all we have seen. The problem was, (our ignorance) in that he was promoting a new album full of cover songs.. .so he played very few of his own songs. It was just really weird and cheesy. He is a quirky man... picture Steve Jobs with a guitar...
Anyway I am sure he is great any other time.. just not when promoting a bunch of cover music! dang!

Oh well! Elton John & Billy Joel on Saturday!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Judge's Choice

WOAH! Crazy night. The Judge's choice was not great for any of them I think. So round one was all a big fat zero for me. The second round I loved.. BUT... dang I am sick of Adam screaming. I love him and I think he should win .. but he has so much more in his box than that rocker scream and he keeps breaking it out and it just ruins the songs. Also on his Aerosmith song the back up girl totally drowned him out and made it sound weird. UGH.
But.... and I am sad to say.. I think Danny is going home. I totally thought it would be Kris before tonight but he saved himself with that Kanye song. He pulled a great Mraz performance with a song that everyone knows.*smart*
Simon summed it up pretty well.

My "Dirt Cheap" Bargains

Me and My Nonie went to Dirt cheap yesterday and , as usual, had a fabulous time! I got some great buys which includes * but is not limited to, A Latin Music CD, a Doors Blue Ray DVD for $1!! some real simple zippy bags, some allergy pillow protectors $1 each (instead of $7), a Kindle cover for mom 60 cents! Some beautiful tiny bud vases for 20 cents each, Target unders $3 or 75 cents each! I love target undies!
And my best most wonderful score:
This Altec Lansing Iphone Dock!(75% off) It has an AC adapter but also has a built in rechargeable battery and it folds up flat for easy traveling and has a remote control! Santa brought us one in 2006 which we use ALL the time but it takes 8 DD batteries.. which is a drag!

The Quest for the Perfect Curtain Continues...

I am thinking I will have some made from swatch #1 once i see it in person... I really love the design of #2 but that color is a little brighter than i wanted for this room..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

OH How I WISH I could Whistle!!

Re-Usable Sandwich Bags!

You can really find anything you want on Etsy. I read about this lady, Green Street Bags on The Fantabulously Frugal Blog. Basically she makes all sizes and types of re-usable sandwich bags that are also washer friendly! I don't bring anything into our home that cant go in the dishwasher or washing machine! ha You can read a better description on the Etsy site but check them out!
Peeps like linzy will really love these I think for little Maia!

Monroeville Day 1 : Dad's Fantastic Garden

I wont lie. I am pretty jealous of this garden! It is crazy to go pick your own food and then cook it! We had squash, onions & Potatoes from his garden last night!
Here is some of his beautiful cabbage
It was fun to dig out this new potatoes

and here was my potatoe digging assistant! He really loved all the dirt!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Rock Night

American Idol Rock Night was last night and while having our party I plugged in porch lights that blew a fuse. Once I got that all fixed it didn't occur to me how it would wreck our DVR and so we missed pretty much all of last night show. We watched some of it on the internet but still missed out on all the commentary.
With that said, I though that it was almost unfair how Rock week was made for Adam and Allison and that they were paired up for the duet. I enjoyed all of it, and I also liked Kris's Beatles song. I have no idea who is going home. Danny or Kris I think?
I feel a little jaded toward Allison now that it has come out that she has already scored a contract and won a similar contest. Just like Carly did a few seasons ago I think that is unfair and tricky...
So Paula's performance tonight! Woah! That was surprising and I cant quite make up my mind about it. I think it's cute that she went through all of that so she could relive the Glory days. It was not completely disastrous... just a little contrived. No Doubt was a crazy performance too. I love Gwynne but dang.. that was a little too much running around and not enough singing..
What did you guys think?
ohhh that just announced Allison is going home. I am Ok with that. She is definitely good enough to still be there! Her final song was amazing... but it is what it is.

Merry Cinco De Mayo!

Our Cinco De Mayo party was fun ! Maybe tomorrow I will get it all cleaned up!
Late night.. it was just Grahams & Grouts and we decided to end the night by burning our Christmas tree in the outdoor fireplace. That is right... we STILL had a dead Christmas tree in our driveway and I am sure my neighbors appreciated it's disappearance this morning! ha

Pottery Barn Knock Offs that rock !

Wal-mart has a new line called "canopy" that is a Pottery Barn knock off and I am super impressed with prices and looks! Quality sounds good from what I read but that is always personal opinion. We own one piece of Pottery Barn furniture and I am very disappointed in how well it has held up versus what it cost. I doubt I would buy anything from them again in that category.
Anyway check out the site and tell me what you think!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Death Cab for Cutie

Tuesday night was Death Cab for Cutie at the Ryman and we had the best time! Truth be told Erik is more of a DC fan that I was but The lead singer looks just like Reed Spencer from criminal minds ( from a distance anyway) so I Loved him and his cute little dance move! His has a very soothing voice, which I love the way I love JEM's voice. I also think it's interesting that the lead singer stays on the left of the stage and never really takes the center. We had a great time!

** I borrowed that video from You tube so ya'll could see his dancing

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dave Matthews & Mraz Concert @ Vandy

Last Saturday night was the Dave Matthews/Jason Mraz/ Robert Earl Keen Concert! We missed Keen, which I was OK with. Mraz was awesome as usual but played a very short set. Dave was actually really impressive. I was never on the DMB train back in the day, and currently just really like a handful of his songs, but that night he put on a great show, and when he covered Talking Heads "Burning Down the House" I was very impressed!
That was our second concert experience on the Vandy campus and I have to say... not some where I really want to go back to due to the drunk and crazy college kids throwing beers on us, fighting right next to us etc.... Apparently being 30 makes you lose some tolerance in that area.

Have You Heard This Yet?

I heard this song driving the other day and shazamed it because I liked it, and i NEVER like techno but it had clever lyrics ...

Franklin Covey for Iphone

for those of you who have been loyal FranklinCovey fans for the past 10 or 20 years... you can transfer that love straight to the Iphone for $5.99 . It is called "FCTasks". I have not used it personally as I am good with the ical app it comes with but for people who are used to working with that type of task system it' s great!

Stuff I Am Loving at Pier One right now...

I am not one to normally promote Pier One ( long story) but they do have some cute and cheap outdoor stuff right now!

Birthday Loot!

I guess by the ripe old age of 30 people really know what you want! I got some great birthday loot! Not all is pictured here either. I also got some itunes gift cards, target gift cards, gardening tools & Seeds, books! Add all that to Vegas and it was the best birthday EVER! Thanks to everyone!

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