Monday, April 13, 2009

WHAT is Twitter you Ask?

Several people have been asking about twitter lately, trying to understand it and what the point of it all is. My most simple explanation would be "twitter is like micro-blogging" you know the "status update" on facebook? Well twitter is a site specifically for that.
You are always answering the question " What am I doing" so you can give nonsense answers, or just generic " I am at the grocery store" type answers or you can give helpful things like "Pearl Jam tickets just went on sale" or " check out the great sale at Pottery Barn"....
Although twitter has been around for a while, it's getting a lot of cred these days due to celebrities like P.Diddy, Martha Stewart, John Mayer, Shaq, ELLEN. They all twitter and talk about it frequently and what is not slightly interesting about having a window into their lives?
So for me personally, I follow people that I think are interesting and I want to hear what they are saying. I dont follow those who use their twitter for too much commercial type info or if they tweet non stop ( like John Mayer... that guy never stops talking).
I follow all our local restaurants and such b.c they tweet every day what the "soup of the day is" etc and that is helpful for me rather than driving over or calling. I added Shaq to my que today because someone told me this past weekend that he was super entertaining. Anyway twitter can be whatever you want it to be.. annoying or helpful... free advertising or just socializing!
It is totally free so you can always try it out and then quit if you dont like it!

CLICK HERE for Top 10 twitter Tips from PC Mag

Both Blackberry and iphone have twitter apps which are super useful. I use "TWEETIE" for my iphone.


Amy said...

I have to say that you and Cory got me into Twitter, and I confess I love it. The only problem now is that my work has blocked it! Boo! I have tried to get to it on my basic (non-iphone) but can't... I actually think you have to have a phone that functions with apps to have it. Anywho, I am more frank on twitter and am only friends with people that I don't care if they know I cuss or drink too much, etc. versus facebook where I have to "watch my words."

Becca said...

I love Twitter! I'm glad you posted about it. I too follow celebrities, it is fun getting a peek into their lives... Demi Moore is a good one! She tweets alot! So does Ashton Kutcher, lol. I agree about John Meyer, his get super annoying. I didn't realize that I wasn't following you on Twitter, but now I am! :)

grizaham said...

Twitter is very interesting. They have taken the only cool about Facebook (the status update) and given it a name.. Such a simple thing to do and now this cat is worth mils...

jany wilson said...

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