Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend in Raleigh!

So this weekend was Nicole's baby shower in Raleigh. It was a jam packed weekend so I will just hit the highlights.The girl who hosted the shower obviously has some experience entertaining. She did a fabulous job. Everything was pretty and all the food was delish. She also had a charming Westie named Otis who was my sidekick.

They all live in a neat neighborhood like ours with all the cottage houses so I loved seeing all of that. Raleigh, in general is a great place. I had no idea how cool it was or how cool the people were. Everyone we encountered was very nice. Lots of cool restaurants and everything is walking distance and everyone actually walks so its not scary b/c there was always a lot of people around.
This outdoor fireplace in the backyard I just loved. I thought it was very charming and now I want need one! ha

Below is Nicole & Mark's kitchen. They are undergoing major renovations and I was so impressed that they were brave enough to pull the trigger on that and it turned out to be very worth while! It is still not complete but I have to show it off b.c I was amazed at how much more space they got from changing some things around and knocking out a butler's pantry.
The top pic is before and the bottom ones are after.
The rest of the trip will require a separate post.


Cary said...

I hope you have pics of Nicole too!! I think you "need" one of the outdoor firesplaces too!

grizaham said...

Couldnt have been better than my weekend! I watched baseball and hockey without any interruptions! :)
Congrats to Nicole and to Susannah and to all the pregnant and new mommies who seem to be out there by the thousands!

Anonymous said...

that food looks so good!

Paul B

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