Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vegas update


> Well we are on day 3 now of vegas! I will have to say it's way more
> fun than I ever knew it could be! We have had some fabulous food,
> played for hours on penny slots and saw the most incredible show EVER!
> I'm not exaggerating when I say that was the coolest thing I have
> ever seen... And I have seen alot of stuff! If you are a Beatles
> fan, I think it's a MUST even if that were the only reason you came
> to vegas! It was like a musical circus concert all in one! Fantastic
> costumes, tricks, just so much to look at I could barely take it all
> in! We had great seats too so when the interactive parts of the show
> were going on we were completely involved! Anyway... I will try to
> stop talking about that but I just had the BEST time! We promptly
> acquired tickets to another show since we enjoyed that one so much!
> We see "O" tonight at 10:30! Hope I'm still awake! I have been sooo
> tired each night bc we have such full days! Last night I basically
> dragged Erik away from black jack bc I had not eaten in about 8
> hours! I played penny slots that looked like tropical fish and made
> beautiful noises for probably 4 hours prior to his black jack but we
> walked away winning !
> Anyway this has been the greatest birthday and made 30 seem less
> depressing! My bubs was soooo sweet to plan such a magical trip!
> Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes today!
Our room Internet is down so I am blogging this from my phone( hope it
doesn't look all crazy)
I will edit it and add pictures later!
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Anonymous said...

Happy,Happy 30th Birthday, Laura!! Enjoy it!!
Don't forget to update on any shopping finds in Vegas! ;)

Courtney said...

Happy birthday! Erik needs to give out lessons on "how to be a super cool husband" :)

Katie said...

Happy Birthday! I'd love to plan something like this to surprise Taylor. He's been talking about going to Vegas nonstop lately. Maybe I need to get some hints from you and Erik once you get home.

Lindsey said...

Hope you had a very happy 30th! Remember the 30s are definitely the new 20s;) I'm trying to learn to embrace it.

Andrea said...

Happy birthday! Your Vegas trip sounds awesome!

grizaham said...

The Beatles show was soooo good. "O" was terrible terrible terrible.. Or maybe just not in the same category as LOVE.

Kyle said...

Happy belated Birthday! Glad ya'll had a good time.

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