Monday, April 20, 2009

A Quick Trick for Itunes plus I heart The Tudors!

I love watching shows on my iphone or computer when traveling. Easter Bunny gave me an iTunes gift card which I promptly used to buy The Tudors Season 2. It's an amazing TV show if you have never seen it. Based on King Henry VIII and all of his drama , Ann Boleyn and the Catholic church etc. Great history lesson as well as very interesting. It is my new TV obsession. Ralphie can attest to this as I now speak to him in old English. ha
My problem is some of these shows I have seen before and re-watch when bored but I needed a way to mark them as "unwatched" to load to my iphone. After some googling I found it was very easy. Just
Select the episode or episodes you want
control click and choose "mark as new"
**as a sidenote i just have to say I watched Laguna Beach season 1 (again) this weekend when I was traveling and it was hilarious. I suggest you guys do the same if you have the opportunity.**


grizaham said...

Maybe i will watch on my iphone the next time im on a plane or something. I need to finish Rome first i think.
War iPHhone

Scott Terry said...

I have yet to download tv shows on my iphone. Maybe it will be my next "thang".

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