Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The New Doors Have Arrived!

The doors we purchased several months ago have finally made their way home! Just in time for the warm weather! if you have an old house you know all about the old doors and windows.. and how expensive they are to replace so we have a plan of over many years replacing them one by one ha...
The 2 doors out front on the side porch looked just like this one.. lots of glass, ill-fitting knobs, and messy blinds destroyed by the gnarliest watch dog on the block.
Sometimes they would just BLOW open when we were not at home setting off the alarm and letting the wild dogs loose. That was too much to handle. Luck for us we have awesome neighbors who were able to coral them every time this happened.
We also wanted something more secure, just to be safe! and better for our serious winter and even more serious power bills. We got accomplished many things with our beautiful new doors.

Peephole, Deadbolt and bottom lock , all of which (finally) use the same key as our other doors! I also will finally be able to hang wreaths that are centered, which was prevented by the glass on the old doors. Ya'll know how I heart my Holiday Decor!

Perfection and well worth the investment! If you are strugglin with old doors I highly recommend new ones!


chad g. said...

Sweet! They look awesome. Next time I try to break into your house to get beers it will be much harder!

grizaham said...

Doors look great. Really changes the house!

jenn said...

looks SO good!

Becca said...

Wow, the door looks GREAT! It makes the house look so different!

Julie Bray said...

Doors are awesome to have!
What's with the shaded "Grizas" on each photo? Was someone stealing your pics from your site???

Courtney said...

yes they look amazing!!! kudos to new doors!

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