Thursday, April 9, 2009

Is there a New Iphone On the Way?

Well obviously yes, so maybe the better question is When? and I predict this summer for several reasons which I will skip right over and get to the interesting part.
I have had 3 people ask me this week about a new iphone and if they should get one or not.
Surely, I am always gonna say yes, iphone is the only way to go, but that is not just because I love Apple... there is a reason that I love apple and obsess over this phone... b.c it really is an awesome...
The main question you should ask yourself is... what do you want to do with your phone?

1.) Either you are a talker, and just mostly talk and maybe light texting .... iphone is not your best option...
2.) or you are a mad texter, emailer, gamer, picture taker, MP3 lover...etc... if you are into your phone and being connected then I dont know how you have made it this far without an iphone.

Normally when someone says " Im gonna wait on the next iphone to come out before I get on board..." , I think that is bad logic, because in the world of Electronics.. you are always gonna be waiting on the newest, coolest, edgiest item... but due to the rampant rumors, and various moves by apple , a new phone launch is impending and knowing a basic time frame, it makes sense to wait.

Back in March, Apple did confirm a Firmware update coming this summer (see below)
New things that are confirmed to come out with Iphone 3.0 Software:
  • - MMS Messages ( picture texting)
  • - Landscape Keyboard in all applications
  • - push notifcation for apps
  • - Voice Recorder
  • - Copy & Paste
  • - much more intense app store with tier purchasing
  • - Shared Calendars
  • - Major updates to current apps like texting, stocks, search bars, maps etc.
  • - search across ALL applicaions
  • - Sync for Notes
  • - Shake to shuffle songs
  • - Stereo Bluetooth
  • - Autofill for Safari
  • - pier to pier connectivity
(some other updates are rumored but not confirmed)

If you have iphone 3G all of this will be free to you, 1st Gens like sister juliel will need to upgrade to get ALL of the benefits. There is a Video Demo you can watch here which is LONG but if you skip to the last 15 mins you can get a good idea of the goodies to come. So Jennifer Graham.. watch that video, it answers all of your questions!


grizaham said...

Basically a brand new futuristic world problem solver fancy iphone! I am so ready! ;)

jenn said...

See? I knew that you would have the answers for me! Thanks!

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