Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Hidden Treasure..

This is a army trunk from I think the 50 or 60's that was left in the basement of my parents house. I love the Red, White & Blue of the 60's so they gave it to me and we have never opened it because it is locked. I have had it now like maybe 10 years and yesterday when Erik and I were cleaning out our garage, he decided to break it open. Below is what we found inside.
A saki cup, a Japanese rice bowl, some silver sconce type things (which looked pretty modern to me), a carved wooden box, some silver trays, a silver salt shaker, army tassel thingies and a Swedish candle holder. Super neat. ( I think the dude who owned this was in the navy)..
PS.. mom this was one of the things I was forgetting to tell you when I called.


Anonymous said...

How cool is that! What are you going to do with it?

Paul B

Jessica Chapman Otwell said...

I like the silver container.

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