Monday, April 27, 2009

The Gambling Has Taken Ahold...

I never have wanted to gamble, and was not expecting to do that on this trip. However... after the $45 return in the airport yesterday I will admit I was little more interested in those slot machines than usual. We walked in yesterday to check in and you could see people at those machines.. beat down and tired and almost clinging to them for life, drink in hand, and I thought " Oh how sad and pathetic" and then today, we pit $10 in one and I became one of those wretched souls. I didnt want to walk away. I wanted to push the button over and over, and it did not help that I am quite lucky.. and to make matters worse we were playing quarter machines so when you win and it gives you like 100 credits you are thinking $100 but no... more like $25... I now GET vegas... and I am sold.
Each time we walk by a set of those machines I am like " oh that one makes pretty noises,, or that one has nice lights lets just put in one dollar.. or that one has Disney princesses and exotic fish.. we MUSt play that one.. " ha poor snubs. He just didnt know what he was getting in to!
Over all though, we won about $70 i think... which will be gone by the end of the night. Count.ON.That.


Courtney said...

isnt it sooooo addicting?!?! i love slot machines and of course the roulette table!

grizaham said...

Casino's definately have a very unique sound!

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