Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do You Like to Travel?

If you enjoy traveling... this site will be really helpful for you! TRIPIT.COM
Basically it is a site that you use to consolidate all of your travel plans, and share them with others if you want to do that. So for instance this weekend I am going to a baby shower in Raleigh. Bubs is not going, and we rarely travel alone so I am nervous and trying to get all organized.
With Tripit I can
- email my confirmation emails from both hotel and airline to plans@tripit.com and it magically puts all of that into my travel schedule. I have NO idea how that works but it does work.See below:
- it also incorporates the local weather for those places, which is awesome!
- then I can share with friends as either observers or collaborators. Super helpful when we take trips with other couples or family!
- it also has an option to integrate with your calendar so now all of my travel plans automatically show up on ical as well.

and it would not be complete without a free iphone app so that all of your info is easily accessible on your mobile.
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
You can add many more details to your trips than what I have shown ... it is totally customize able.
Very helpful for say secretaries who book travel for others , or wives who have traveling husbands.. its a great way to keep up with them and make sure their flights arrive safely etc..


grizaham said...

I really enjoy traveling.. Traveling with iphone is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Courtney said...


Lindsey said...

What a cool resource;)

LG said...

It is actually fantastic! Everyone should try it once!

Feet on Beale said...


Katie said...

i downloaded the app tonight. yes, i have a blog AND an iphone.. can't believe that i had not shared either one with you!

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