Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Movie Songs

Allison - I soooo love the song she did and I thought she was a little breathy. If you don't know me I am HIGHLY annoyed by mouth movements and noises. She worked it out in the end...
I also think AI needs to hire a new stylist. DANG

Anoop Dawg! what are you wearing tonight brotha? you picked an awesome song! I did enjoy it a lot!

Adam! I love him! he is great week after week! I don't love the song Born to be Wild but he made up for the song choice by the great stage presense!

Matt - Another great song choice! Cory describes him as a Mraz/Timberlake "hybrid" I think he did OK but still just not that connected.

Danny - Great song choice! mediocre performance. It made me and bubs want to cry. I cant imagine singing that song after losing a spouse. geesh danny. Stop making me cry!

Kris... he may have won me over tonight with his song choice. That is a beautiful song! Linzy turned me on to that movie and i bought the songs in itunes afterward b/c I could not get them out of my head! He was probably the best all night. FANTASTIC

Lil Rounds - it may be time for you to go home sweetie.
Tonight was
#1- Kris
#2 - Adam
#3- Allison
#4 - Anoop

We all enjoyed Quintin's MBT shoes though!


The Living Legend of West Byrd Street - a.k.a. B-Unit said...

ok.. here goes:

Allison - was ok, not amazing, she hasn't impressed me in several weeks

Anoop - another solid performance - wasn't amazing but was very good - has a great R&B ballad voice - not much else going on there

Adam - very dissapointing after Mad World and Tracks of my Tears - he tried to get too hard rock on this one - I did not like it at all - didn't sound like he was singing, but rather talking fast and screaming/screeching at times

Matt - absolutely horrible - he was good last week, but done very poorly - he actually choked a few words out and sang it exactly as it was recorded - not a fan

Danny - again..not good - He is definitely no Lionel Richie.. so why the hell try to sing it like him.. I have not liked much of what he has done, especially since he ruined Rascal Flatts for me :(

Kris - was once again excellent.. I was worried since he picked a song that even I didn't know and I am a music hound - He sang his tail off and was my winner for the night

Lil - why o why did you sing the "Happy Hands Club" song from Napoleon Dynamite.. I think Lil should be home already and has consistently under performed.. she needs to go

My bottom 3 projections:

LG said...

VERY good review BR!

Mississippi Candice said...

Ok, ANOOP was the best of the night, I love allison but she was not fabulous last night, Kris was also fabulous, and Lil Rounds, honey, this is the end of the road. There is also a website that has been pretty dead on until last week, that predicts, and here is what it says this week.

Danny received the most votes last night, and the bottom 3 are Allison, Matt, and Kris, with Kris receiving the lowest # of votes.

We shall see if they are right this week.

P.S. still have an idol crush on anoop.

Mississippi Candice said...

Oh, and I can't STAND ADAM!!!! Wow, too much makeup!!!

Scott Terry said...

Here goes...

anoop needs his brows done again but great voice.

adam is awesome! love the mascara! could ease a little on the foundation. Ill give you that.

allison needs a hot tea but love her.

matt is falling between the cracks and is trying to look like jt too hard.

danny is not making it with his personality but has potential.

Kris gets better everyday and i kinda like his crooked mouth.

and...Lil rounds needs to choose a wig for her final performance tonight.

matthill said...

I love ADAM!!! he is so fierce. and the best by far. some boys like to wear makeup! i love him for being original and not really caring and going for it!- rainbows and fairy dust

jenn said...

YEAH!!! save Matt! YES! He was def not the worst this week. Can't wait to see what happens next week!

The Living Legend of West Byrd Street - a.k.a. B-Unit said...

well... looks like America got it wrong again... that is part of the reason why I stopped watching idol for several years.. it turns in to a popularity contest instead of a genuine singing contest.. there is no way in the world that Lil should have remained on the show after the last three weeks of horrible performances..... I also wasn't thrilled about Simon using the "save card" on Matt.. while he was not the worst , he will not win the competition and what happens next week if Adam or Kris get the lowest amount of votes and are kicked off... just a thought.. since disco week is rough for most ... oh well.. with the world in the shape it is currently, why should we think that America could get something as simple as a singing contest right?????

chad g. said...

It doesn't matter, the competition is going to be between Allison and Adam. They are both head and shoulders above everyone else in this competition. It's why from now on Ryan is going to tell them both that they're safe at the very beginning of the show just like last night.

Kris sucks really bad, I don't know why people like his monkey face because he has a weak voice and zero distinguishing factors in his entire persona.

Anoop did a great job this week with his song, not sure why he didn't get votes but it's probably the eyebrow stare he does at the camera.

Lil - uh, just sux. Can't understand a word she sings.

Matt - Seriously? This guy is NOT Justin Timberlake. Give me a break - he wants to be so bad, but if I was JT I'd pimpslap this dude's mole off his forehead.

Danny is pretty good, solid competitor but he's not as good as Adam or Allison. He won't win, but he'll keep trying to make little girls cry until he's one of the last three standing.

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