Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Disco Week

I thought Lil Rounds was great tonight. Looked great and sounded great for the first time in weeks!
Kris... well i wasn't that impressed.. I thought it was good but not great cause it sounds a lot like a Mraz copy.
Danny I loved. His performance was fun and cute and he sounded great (and he looked great. he always has cute glasses and nice outfits) and I liked that song a lot so big improvement for him this week I thought!
Allison - reminded me so much of Cristina Auguilera tonight! I liked it... song was not great but she can sing whatever.
Adam - I thought he looked so cute tonight! He really channeled his inner Brandon Flowers,, but the song! Dang A ! eek. It was my least fav for him this whole competition. Super boring. Obviously something is wrong with me since all the judges loved it. He is still gonna win though.
Matt - Loved it! I enjoyed his dancing very much!

anoop - that was yikes-able.. last note was painful.


Scott Terry said...

Top 3 for me:

Bottom 3 for me:
Lil rounds

The Living Legend of West Byrd Street - a.k.a. B-Unit said...

Laura.. it is a good thing that we don't watch this together. as we would never agree on anything.. and I love how your MURDERED Christina Aguilera's name... you have always been the queen of spelling :) - Anyways, Chris and Adam tied for the best of the night.. I loved Anoop - Allison was ok, but not memorable or great.. and I really could care less about Matt, Lil, or Danny. I haven't liked anything they have done in WEEKS!!!

jenn said...

oh laura! were you having some wine when you watched last night?!!?!? I think that I'm exactly opposite of you!
Lil~ that onezie was aweful, and she didn't do anything special... but she can still sing.
Kris~ #1 of the night (never thought I'd day that!)
Danny~ I'm over him. I guess it was good, but he's leaning toward the boring side for me
Allison~ I can't even pay attn to her b/c of the HORRIBLE clothes that they (hopefully) MAKE her wear. Athough, she did sing well and will be safe I think that she's gotta get more interesting.
Adam~ I swear- I had to rewind him to figure out what song he was actually singing. I think that the way that he rearranges songs makes him the winner hands down.
Matt~ although he didn't wow me in the song department, I think that he's good and entertaining.
Anoop~ bye, bye anoop. Me no likey you anymore.
Allison - i guess...

Mississippi Candice said...

I still love ANOOP! Not his best week, but love him. Also like Allison and Kris..... Lil Rounds and Matt need to hit the road!

matthill said...

love adam and kris!!!! i think they should be the final two. danny is so tired. lil rounds and matt should definitely go home tonight!! also thought adam looked amazing!

Chad G. said...

OMG I am so late posting on this. Laura, dudette, seriously, you are just plain WRONG woman. You need to consult with me and my other fellow commenters the next time AI is on. We are going to have a little throwdown on my side patio next time we're wine-ing it up. Actually I'll see you tonight so nevermind.

Nomad said...

I love how they keep saying "This is the most groundbreaking, shocking American Idol ever" ... every week

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