Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Birth Year Song

I really think this is the only season that I have changed my lineup EVERY week! Dang! I dont know about you guys but our Tivo cut off the last 15 mins or so and we didn't get to see Adam perform. No worries though you can watch it here:

As usual Adam DOMINATES. I always love his songs.. lobe them enough to buy them and that is saying something cause I am a girl who always prefers the original. I would say Allison was the 2nd best last night. She did awesome. I am so sad for Lil who is a powerhouse and keeps picking terrible songs every week!
I thought Anoop did well and I really appreciated his apology for the backtalk. I thought that was pretty big of him.
Brace yourselves.. but I actually liked Kris last night. I just listened instead of watching him. I also thought last night was a great night for Matt G. He looked much cuter and sounded great. Scott was... not good last night and it hurts my heart to type that because I love him so but he was border line talking back last night too so double whammy.


chad g. said...

Adam and Allison are my #1 & #2.

Scott needs to GO HOME. He is absolutely HORRIBLE and is only on the show b/c of his vision impairment.

Anoop, meh. Whatever.

Kris looks like a monkey.

Matt G. was trying to pull off a really bad Justin Timberlake impression. Get original dude.

Lil Rounds. The lil lecture from her mom about her name NOT being "Little" was funny.

jenn said...

I'll tell ya, adam is for sure my fav. Although, I think that I might like Allison (even though I have NO desire to own one of her records) Adam is at least entertaining and a pretty great singer. I'm still on Matt's side though. I think that he's really good too.
Scott-- po' thang-- screeching, terrible, painful to watch.
I also feel sorry for Lil', i mean, she can sing! but what bad songs she picks... I'm wondering if she can't make a song 'her own' because she just doesn't have the knowledge... sad.
That's my 45 cents.... :)

Jessica Chapman Otwell said...

I love that song mad world, love the movie donnie darko! I don't watch AI, but enjoyed watching him sing it.

jenn said...

They took your link off of adam, but I got it from my boyfriend Ryan.

Scott Terry said...

I really think the bottom three of tonight deserved to be there they are the next that need to go!

Shadymob said...
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