Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Favorite Game!!

Vegas update


> Well we are on day 3 now of vegas! I will have to say it's way more
> fun than I ever knew it could be! We have had some fabulous food,
> played for hours on penny slots and saw the most incredible show EVER!
> I'm not exaggerating when I say that was the coolest thing I have
> ever seen... And I have seen alot of stuff! If you are a Beatles
> fan, I think it's a MUST even if that were the only reason you came
> to vegas! It was like a musical circus concert all in one! Fantastic
> costumes, tricks, just so much to look at I could barely take it all
> in! We had great seats too so when the interactive parts of the show
> were going on we were completely involved! Anyway... I will try to
> stop talking about that but I just had the BEST time! We promptly
> acquired tickets to another show since we enjoyed that one so much!
> We see "O" tonight at 10:30! Hope I'm still awake! I have been sooo
> tired each night bc we have such full days! Last night I basically
> dragged Erik away from black jack bc I had not eaten in about 8
> hours! I played penny slots that looked like tropical fish and made
> beautiful noises for probably 4 hours prior to his black jack but we
> walked away winning !
> Anyway this has been the greatest birthday and made 30 seem less
> depressing! My bubs was soooo sweet to plan such a magical trip!
> Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes today!
Our room Internet is down so I am blogging this from my phone( hope it
doesn't look all crazy)
I will edit it and add pictures later!
> Sent from LGs iPhone

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Gambling Has Taken Ahold...

I never have wanted to gamble, and was not expecting to do that on this trip. However... after the $45 return in the airport yesterday I will admit I was little more interested in those slot machines than usual. We walked in yesterday to check in and you could see people at those machines.. beat down and tired and almost clinging to them for life, drink in hand, and I thought " Oh how sad and pathetic" and then today, we pit $10 in one and I became one of those wretched souls. I didnt want to walk away. I wanted to push the button over and over, and it did not help that I am quite lucky.. and to make matters worse we were playing quarter machines so when you win and it gives you like 100 credits you are thinking $100 but no... more like $25... I now GET vegas... and I am sold.
Each time we walk by a set of those machines I am like " oh that one makes pretty noises,, or that one has nice lights lets just put in one dollar.. or that one has Disney princesses and exotic fish.. we MUSt play that one.. " ha poor snubs. He just didnt know what he was getting in to!
Over all though, we won about $70 i think... which will be gone by the end of the night. Count.ON.That.

Day 1 in vegas was a success! I can honestly say I don't remember the last time I was so tired! We walked around and looked at all the fancy shops and had dinner at margaritaville!
Mostly I think I was mentally overatimulated! There are so many things to do and see my mind is almost too small to hold it all!
Erik talked me into putting $1 in the slot machines in the airport ( I prefer shopping to gambling as shopping is ALWAYS rewarding! Ha) but anyway I won $45 on that dollar my first 3 minutes in vegas!
Our hotel us gigantor and gorgeous! Lots of beautiful flowers and all my besties like Prada & Juicy couture!
We are spending our first morning poolside ( where I am typing this on my iPhone) snubs has a strict mandate on my computer time allowance!
Tonight is a fancy dinner with our hotel light show and then the Beatles show! I'm super amped for that!

Kevin Nealon in the Airport!

Terrible pic of me but he was super nice and cool! Ya'll remember him from Saturday Night Live, or better yet from WEEDS?
He and his wife were both super nice and chatted me up! Erik hid while I was asking for a photo ha!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

WOah! We're Goin to Vegas Baby!

Today when I woke up my bubs gave me a birthday card.. (we celebrate my birthday all month every year ha.. just kiddin... not really.) anyway in the card he tells me that he planned a surprise birthday trip to Vegas and we leave tomorrow!
I have spent all day in a tail spin trying to get ready because I have never taken a trip without being super prepared!

I hope I pack the right clothes! We are going to the
The Beatles Cirque Show (which I have always wanted to see since it came out. I HEART the Beatles... ) and we are staying HERE.
I will be blogging from Vegas so check back! I have never been before but have fancy visions of me sunbathing by elaborate pools and super fancy shops and meals!
Viva Las Vegas!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Still not Quite Right...

Finally! Hallway Rugs..

This scene below has been driving me nuts for about a year now. Especially in the winter time because it feels so much more homey when you have rugs and pictures on the wall ( right?) but I could never find anything. I really wanted some FLOR tiles but none of the samples I ordered matched. (They always looks so sheik on Dooce )
But in search of curtains I came across these at HomeGoods which were $60 for 2 of them. I thought I would use one in each Hallway but I ended up using them in them both here and will need one more for that back left hallway.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Curtains?

Yes! More curtains! I am seriously struggling with this. I cant find anything that makes me just wanna snatch it up and purchase.. I see things that might be Ok... and I don't want to settle so I guess I will search to the ends of the Earth for the perfect curtain...
Here are more options to consider:

Urban Outfitters

Urban #2 $34

World Market $30

BBB $150 (yikes)

Half Priced Drapes $99

Feel free to comment. I am bummed about JCPenney not having more in my style because they are made so well and lined and thermal and all and CHEAP. dang!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

In celebration of Earth Day I bring you a PSA from our own Environmental Engineer Linzy Brakefield Goswami.

You are sure to never drink tap water again!

A Witty & Great Twitter Article

Every online social club has rules.. and some people have no idea what those are.. this chick at Scary Mommy does a great job of summing it up for The World of Twitter and making you laugh at the same time.
Read Here

The New Curtain Dilema

Upon my mother's advise I checked out the curtains in JC Penney and was floored with all the options they have and especially with their customer service! Get this: they have employees who not only know what they are doing, but actually WANT to help you! I got 2 panels to try out , I know I need a pattern in here but I just think the solid is so simple and calming.. but once the stripe was on the wall Erik and I both decided patterned would be best. (neither of these are long enough or ironed.. we are just checking out the fabric right now).

The only bummer about patterns, is that they always pair my Spa Blue color with browns, and I used greys. The brown in that stripe is almost overwhelming which made me consider a few other options.
The solid silk spa blue. Although you cant tell now, these are actually thermal and lined which is awesome for energy efficiency and darkness
So here are a few more options... all thermal and all would be in the Spa Blue version of what is shown. I would not be ordering in sheers that are pictured! Vote in the Side Margin

A Hidden Treasure..

This is a army trunk from I think the 50 or 60's that was left in the basement of my parents house. I love the Red, White & Blue of the 60's so they gave it to me and we have never opened it because it is locked. I have had it now like maybe 10 years and yesterday when Erik and I were cleaning out our garage, he decided to break it open. Below is what we found inside.
A saki cup, a Japanese rice bowl, some silver sconce type things (which looked pretty modern to me), a carved wooden box, some silver trays, a silver salt shaker, army tassel thingies and a Swedish candle holder. Super neat. ( I think the dude who owned this was in the navy)..
PS.. mom this was one of the things I was forgetting to tell you when I called.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Disco Week

I thought Lil Rounds was great tonight. Looked great and sounded great for the first time in weeks!
Kris... well i wasn't that impressed.. I thought it was good but not great cause it sounds a lot like a Mraz copy.
Danny I loved. His performance was fun and cute and he sounded great (and he looked great. he always has cute glasses and nice outfits) and I liked that song a lot so big improvement for him this week I thought!
Allison - reminded me so much of Cristina Auguilera tonight! I liked it... song was not great but she can sing whatever.
Adam - I thought he looked so cute tonight! He really channeled his inner Brandon Flowers,, but the song! Dang A ! eek. It was my least fav for him this whole competition. Super boring. Obviously something is wrong with me since all the judges loved it. He is still gonna win though.
Matt - Loved it! I enjoyed his dancing very much!

anoop - that was yikes-able.. last note was painful.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Quick Trick for Itunes plus I heart The Tudors!

I love watching shows on my iphone or computer when traveling. Easter Bunny gave me an iTunes gift card which I promptly used to buy The Tudors Season 2. It's an amazing TV show if you have never seen it. Based on King Henry VIII and all of his drama , Ann Boleyn and the Catholic church etc. Great history lesson as well as very interesting. It is my new TV obsession. Ralphie can attest to this as I now speak to him in old English. ha
My problem is some of these shows I have seen before and re-watch when bored but I needed a way to mark them as "unwatched" to load to my iphone. After some googling I found it was very easy. Just
Select the episode or episodes you want
control click and choose "mark as new"
**as a sidenote i just have to say I watched Laguna Beach season 1 (again) this weekend when I was traveling and it was hilarious. I suggest you guys do the same if you have the opportunity.**

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My First Encounter with Domestic Violence..

Last night, we had dinner with everyone and decided to return to our hotel for bed since we had early flights. Emily was in the bed for about 10 seconds before she fell asleep and I was watching The Tudors on my laptop.
At some point in the night , the neighbors got home from the bar and were louder than my show and I got up after about 30 minutes to go ask them to shut up. I opened the door expecting them to be in the hall cause it was so loud but they were in their room and when I opened the door, I could hear a very nasty fight and some mild slapping around. In my daze the guy leaves the room while I am standing there and opinionated as I am I let him know that the whole floor was now awake and unappreciative not to mention how disgusting he is for what he had said and hitting his wife. He left me with a few nice sentiments to ponder. Emily is awake at this point and wants to know what its going on and I told her I would fill her in tomorrow since I think it is over now..
Little did I know that he was gonna come back and in maybe 5 minutes the whole thing was in full force screaming , sounded like throwing some things around. You could hear him slapping her ( along with every intimate detail of all their dirty laundry) Emily is hearing all this and getting pretty upset so we call the front desk to report.
Front desk lady comes up, forces her way in the room ( they would not answer the door) and the girl assures her everything is fine and it's all her fault ( total victim mentality that one)so she leaves, but calls us and says the chick was pretty beat up and she thinks she should call police. Before she had even made it to the front desk to make that call, He had started choking her and she was desperately gasping for air. Which is a pretty awful thing to listen to.
Front Desk Lady had to call 911 and in what seemed like forever 3 cops came and then the next 2 hours ( all after midnight) were spent with all of the hashing it out and her crying and screaming
I say all of this to say, it was a long night and pretty heart breaking. That guy is in the military which is why they didn't actually take him to jail. He already had a record of beating her and this incident would mean he probably got kicked out. She was 25 and has 3 children with him and had the lowest, most pitiful self esteem I have ever had the misery of enduring. Neither Emily or I could understand how he beat her up so badly and didn't go to jail, that was pretty frustrating for us. Their solution was to separate them into different rooms.
Needless to say we got zero sleep last night and came home very thankful for our husbands, and I have been a little sad today just because I am so disappointed in humanity. After seeing that up close and personal, it made it much easier to understand the Chris Brown/RiRi saga.. and how the girl just assumes responsibility and defends them no matter what.

Weekend in Raleigh!

So this weekend was Nicole's baby shower in Raleigh. It was a jam packed weekend so I will just hit the highlights.The girl who hosted the shower obviously has some experience entertaining. She did a fabulous job. Everything was pretty and all the food was delish. She also had a charming Westie named Otis who was my sidekick.

They all live in a neat neighborhood like ours with all the cottage houses so I loved seeing all of that. Raleigh, in general is a great place. I had no idea how cool it was or how cool the people were. Everyone we encountered was very nice. Lots of cool restaurants and everything is walking distance and everyone actually walks so its not scary b/c there was always a lot of people around.
This outdoor fireplace in the backyard I just loved. I thought it was very charming and now I want need one! ha

Below is Nicole & Mark's kitchen. They are undergoing major renovations and I was so impressed that they were brave enough to pull the trigger on that and it turned out to be very worth while! It is still not complete but I have to show it off b.c I was amazed at how much more space they got from changing some things around and knocking out a butler's pantry.
The top pic is before and the bottom ones are after.
The rest of the trip will require a separate post.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trying Out Some New Things...

There are a lot of things I wish I knew how to do with this blog.. and making picture collages like you see above is one of them! I have spent ALOT of time trying to research how to do this and after a huge headache I am pretty pleased with the result. Once I learn how to use the software, I am sure I will improve. To make this collage I used an app called ComicLife. (I love all their programs. Before that I was using Skitch.. which is free and I highly recommend! )
The point of the collage was to express my undying love for all things Target. I mean EVERYTHING! I love that place and their Spring Clothes are super cute right now. I still have a dress I bought back in like 2000 from Target! It's a lot tighter than it used to be though :) Anyway lots of cute earrings, sandals and spring dresses there. I got that cardigan thingy pictured above b.c i am always cold! It is fantastic to wear with all my dresses or tanks and light weight so I can ball it up in my purse! And the most beautiful thing about it.... It's all around the $20 mark !
The other thing I really would like LOVE to learn how to do is make lines through text and hallelujah I am learning! Expect to see these features WAY overused in the next few weeks!
I have really over exerted my internet brain tonight so I must sign off. I will be updating from Raleigh tomorrow!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Movie Songs

Allison - I soooo love the song she did and I thought she was a little breathy. If you don't know me I am HIGHLY annoyed by mouth movements and noises. She worked it out in the end...
I also think AI needs to hire a new stylist. DANG

Anoop Dawg! what are you wearing tonight brotha? you picked an awesome song! I did enjoy it a lot!

Adam! I love him! he is great week after week! I don't love the song Born to be Wild but he made up for the song choice by the great stage presense!

Matt - Another great song choice! Cory describes him as a Mraz/Timberlake "hybrid" I think he did OK but still just not that connected.

Danny - Great song choice! mediocre performance. It made me and bubs want to cry. I cant imagine singing that song after losing a spouse. geesh danny. Stop making me cry!

Kris... he may have won me over tonight with his song choice. That is a beautiful song! Linzy turned me on to that movie and i bought the songs in itunes afterward b/c I could not get them out of my head! He was probably the best all night. FANTASTIC

Lil Rounds - it may be time for you to go home sweetie.
Tonight was
#1- Kris
#2 - Adam
#3- Allison
#4 - Anoop

We all enjoyed Quintin's MBT shoes though!

Do You Like to Travel?

If you enjoy traveling... this site will be really helpful for you! TRIPIT.COM
Basically it is a site that you use to consolidate all of your travel plans, and share them with others if you want to do that. So for instance this weekend I am going to a baby shower in Raleigh. Bubs is not going, and we rarely travel alone so I am nervous and trying to get all organized.
With Tripit I can
- email my confirmation emails from both hotel and airline to and it magically puts all of that into my travel schedule. I have NO idea how that works but it does work.See below:
- it also incorporates the local weather for those places, which is awesome!
- then I can share with friends as either observers or collaborators. Super helpful when we take trips with other couples or family!
- it also has an option to integrate with your calendar so now all of my travel plans automatically show up on ical as well.

and it would not be complete without a free iphone app so that all of your info is easily accessible on your mobile.
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
You can add many more details to your trips than what I have shown ... it is totally customize able.
Very helpful for say secretaries who book travel for others , or wives who have traveling husbands.. its a great way to keep up with them and make sure their flights arrive safely etc..

Monday, April 13, 2009

WHAT is Twitter you Ask?

Several people have been asking about twitter lately, trying to understand it and what the point of it all is. My most simple explanation would be "twitter is like micro-blogging" you know the "status update" on facebook? Well twitter is a site specifically for that.
You are always answering the question " What am I doing" so you can give nonsense answers, or just generic " I am at the grocery store" type answers or you can give helpful things like "Pearl Jam tickets just went on sale" or " check out the great sale at Pottery Barn"....
Although twitter has been around for a while, it's getting a lot of cred these days due to celebrities like P.Diddy, Martha Stewart, John Mayer, Shaq, ELLEN. They all twitter and talk about it frequently and what is not slightly interesting about having a window into their lives?
So for me personally, I follow people that I think are interesting and I want to hear what they are saying. I dont follow those who use their twitter for too much commercial type info or if they tweet non stop ( like John Mayer... that guy never stops talking).
I follow all our local restaurants and such b.c they tweet every day what the "soup of the day is" etc and that is helpful for me rather than driving over or calling. I added Shaq to my que today because someone told me this past weekend that he was super entertaining. Anyway twitter can be whatever you want it to be.. annoying or helpful... free advertising or just socializing!
It is totally free so you can always try it out and then quit if you dont like it!

CLICK HERE for Top 10 twitter Tips from PC Mag

Both Blackberry and iphone have twitter apps which are super useful. I use "TWEETIE" for my iphone.

Easter Decorations 1/2 off today!

I have had big plans to shop the after Easter sales today for weeks! My Easter decor was struggling and it is so much more fun to buy holiday stuff for this house b.c i have a specific place in mind for things to go and I know I will get years of use out of it.
For the past 2 years I have wanted some Easter topiaries and they will be awesome on our boring mantle. At an Easter brunch yesterday I saw someone have a huge iron cross on their mantle that was accented with lilies and it was awesome! I will do that next year in between my topiary set!
The Huge eggs are to hang from our bannister inside.
Hobby Lobby has some beautiful Easter Topiaries but they are still $20 when half off so I got mine at Target for $7. I researched trying to make my own last year but no matter how you slice it, its always cheaper to buy them already done.
The dang door guy broke my prized Easter wreath this year so if you guys see any cute ones on sale give me a shout!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Peddlin For A Cure!

Behold my pops who had to take 2 shots (due to cold) so that he could go on his Peddlin Cruise from Monroeville to Mobile... which is a crazy long drive..
Anyway way to go dad!

I'm speechless...

I have totally been there before!

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a great Easter! I finally went to church ( 1st time that I have gone in 09) and will admit that I am ashamed and embarrassed to be the girl that only shows up on Easter! Yikes I must remedy this stat. Its an awesome church too!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Such A Pretty Invitation!

I thought this were super pretty wedding invitations! They were rectangular and the invitation slides out of the side of the envelope which was embossed very elegantly but is hard to see in the pictures. Great job Sarah! me love! ha

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Serious Bachelor Pad...

Last Night Erik & I went to meet up with some friends from the Hockey Games at their house to watch the game and grill out. We had alot of fun but i was blown away by their house! Danny is a single dad with 2 teenage boys and they make a pretty hilarious trio. I was expecting a big house with little furniture or style since boys dont care about that stuff. What I found instead was like a cross between a "cribs" episode for Shaq & The guy from Nip/Tuck. Super modern.. tons of style and thought put into the design and a mans dream come true. I basically had to drag Erik out of there when it was time to go home. Because it was so unique and fun I had to take some pics to show you guys. Keep in mind that they have not lived there too long so all the furniture has not been purchased yet. I'm sure it takes a while to furnish 4 bajillion square feet.

Work out room. The bottom floor is all tile for when the pool is finished and has a work out room, tanning bed, and movie room.
Movie room..
3rd Floor has a game room with all the old school games Danny has rebuilt to work like Galaga, Centipede, Mrs Pacman etc
And then pool tables, Air hockey, ping pong, bowling, and a antique coke machine that dispenses bottled cokes. (Erik & CC's dream come true)
Dallas (oldest son's) room. He let the boys pick their own paint color and then built them like dorm rooms with adjoining bath and balcony. Each room has a mini fridge and microwave. ha
Houston's room
Laundry room I thought was funny b/c he built a ledge to sit them on so that you dont hurt your back getting laundry in and out. ha
Danny's bedroom with huge bathroom with a steam room etc.
One of the garages was filled with all their man toys.
Living room

Through-out the pics you can see those beautiful floors ( I think he said 4 or 5 inch maple) and he has his own waxer/buffer machine so they look fabulous!

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