Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Useful Knowledge: Food Facts

I find myself calling my mom or nonie pretty often to ask them if it is OK to eat or cook something that has been in the fridge for a while, So yesterday when I saw this on GMA I found it very interesting.
For instance: Last week when the produce guy harrassed me until I bought 2 heads of Cabbage... I got home and thought what the heck majeck am I to do with 2 heads of cabbage? Well turns out when you have too much fruit or veggies to eat before the expiration date you can do this thing called Blanching and then Freeze them. To blanch you cut up the fruits, boil in salty water for 3 minutes then Freeze.

Bacon shelf life: 7 days in fridge and 1 month in freezer

Cold cuts Shelf Life 3-5 days open in fridge/ Deli Meats 1-3 days in fridge

Never store cheese in plastic wrap. Use wax paper and foil. If your cheese gets moldy you can cut off the mold on hard cheese but must throw away soft cheese when it gets moldy.

You can read the whole article here

and then go HERE to read this interesting artcile on Organic Foods from NY Times. ( thanks cory)


What I Know said...

On the organic article...I totally agree that so many people make the misconception that if it's organic, it's good for you. I happen to LOVE Whole Foods chocolate chip cookies. But they still make me fat. Since I began being super conscious of what goes in my mouth, I have cut out 85% of processed foods, and have seen a huge difference in myself overall. It's all the weird ingredients you don't know what they are that makes the long term difference...and why is it that almost everything, organic or not needs sugar added to it?

grizaham said...

I will never keep deli meat for 4 weeks again! ;)

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