Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Brunch!

Cory offered to have us over for Brunch today and we gladly accepted! I should have known it would be typical Cory style... ALL OUT. We had a blast and were well fed. Here you see Brian (who once worked for Waffle House) cooking up a delish feast.

here is her dining room all set up! We had a very formal and grown up brunch !
And here I am trying on Cory's Christian Louboutin Red Patent Heels. They are ridiculously tall but fun! She is the most glamorous hippie I know.
And here is an early birthday present from Woot & Cory! It is a Yorkie garden Statue. I love it and its the cutest one I have ever seen. They decided to give it to me early b.c I almost bought one at the flea market Saturday! ha


grizaham said...

The food was great and the Bossie bust is perfecto!

Amy said...

Bowls and Casseroles is a new Sunday tradition!

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