Sunday, March 1, 2009

Preds Vs. Redwings!

Saturday night we had a GREAT time at the hockey Game. We spent some quality time at The Flying Saucer both before and after the game with Wiggs and Brooks and Head Wife. The game was a shut out which made it much more fun to watch. Wiggs almost got thrown out (for throwing a hat) by some dummy that didnt know what a hat trick was...
You can see Erik celebrating the win here:
And how about these interesting outfits? Redwing Oompa Loompas.
Thanks for coming with us Wiggs! We had a fantastic night!

1 comment:

grizaham said...

She forgot to mention that we scored 5 goals in the first 10 minutes and that the Red Wings are pretty dang good and a Hated rival! Pretty much a great night! :)
Hockey is the college football of the north. War Preds.

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