Monday, March 9, 2009

Making a Memory Chest!

This is a Trunk or locker thingy I purchased at Wal-Mart for $29. Sometimes BBB sells them too. Erik's mother made each one of her kids a memory chest with these old antique army trunks and they are full of funny and cute trinkets like baby clothes, old pics, a cast, etc. I have lots of trinkets I have collect over the years but I wanted a trunk like Erik's so I went about constructed a cute one today.
I bought some pretty wrapping paper at Hallmark that is sticky on the back ( think contact paper). It normally retails for $6 but I found these in the half price bin. It actually didn't even use a whole roll so you would just need one. This paper would also be great to line shelves, drawers or the inside of a cabinet.
Here is the inside before ( see my apprentice )
Here is the inside after.
And here is the inside full of my stuff! Old Hello Kitty toys, my first Bible, a Barbie Dictionary that I bought for 25cents at a used book sale with my mom as a kid. I was just buying it b.c it looked very 60's ish and turns out it is quite valuable! ha Anyway... that was todays project! You can make one for yourself or your kid! I would pay a bajillion bucks to have a chest like this filled with my moms old stuff but she is not clutter keeper! dang!


AP said...

Best idea ever! Definitely making one for Will! Keep asking me about it though, so I won't forget! ha

Marshall said...

LOL..i see your first iphone box in there!

AndreaLeigh said...

love your new colors and your caboodle for nail polish. how awesome is that?? how did I not know this?

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