Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let me Tell Ya'll About Something COOL!

My mom, the never failing internet Goddess found this really cool site where you can submit design questions to a professional and get answers based on how much you pay. That is really SUPER DUPER neat!
I know that designers are talented and well worth the $, but for some reason I can never fully submit to the idea of hiring one. I've got a pretty talented family when it comes to all of that and they have been kind enough to advise and arrange and hand me down and purchase us many wonderful things. Sometimes though, I have a specific thing I would like to know about, for instance our exterior colors bug me.
It is the trend in this neighborhood to use 3 colors to accent your house. I LOVE that about our hood. These are not the greatest pictures but see below for the 3 color scheme trend.

Our House too has 3 colors Burgandy, Gold and one hue darker than gold. The problem is the 2 yellows are so similar in color you cant tell the difference. I have no plans of anytime soon having all that repainted, but one day I will and I would love for a professional to advise me the color that would look the best.


Jessica Chapman Otwell said...

our hood has some great combos, this seems common on the pre war cottages... I'll give you my opinion for free anytime :)

grizaham said...

Lets work on the inside first love! ;)

Amy said...

Having hired a decorator in my previous life I do not think at all it was worth it, but I always find myself wanting another opinion, so what do to, what to do? It's hard to always ask family and friends if you don't share the same taste!

What I Know said...

I bet some color theory books/research could help narrow the pallette before you take it to the pay-by-the-answer designer.

Courtney said...

I got a book at Barnes and Noble in the bargain bin for $6 the other day that explains how to do color schemes and such. It's pretty cool! You can check it out sometimes if you want.

Layla said...

Hey girl!

Thanks for the nod!

I just posted an exterior consult I did on my blog...I'm more of an interior gal, but boy those exterior ones are a lot of fun too!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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