Friday, March 13, 2009

The Beginnings of a Garden!

Last week I started planting seeds in the new raised bed garden. Wouldnt you know it snowed 3 days later. RAH but i had a back up set as well in this plastic green house thingy.
And here you can see the Brocalli and Green Onions have already started sprouting.
Now that I am learning to cook, I know a little better about what would be a good thing to grow, that we will actually consume a lot of, besides 47 billion tomatoes (like last year). Ha So I am really trying to plant based on what we will actually need and eat. Marti Goemann gave me TONS of seeds last year for all sorts of flowers and garden stuff and I am excited about getting to use them! Thanks Marti! I shall feed you from my Garden this summer!


grizaham said...

Gardens rule

Lindsey said...

I love a garden and I'm proud of y'all. I really want to plant cucumbers this year (and our usual tomatoes and peppers).

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