Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol Season 8: MoTown Night ( MY fav.)

First let me say that I love all the comments from Brent and cousin Jenn! Thanks Guys. Ya'll always have something interesting to say! Hays you should totally be watching this show. Don't boycott next year OK?
Matt G.. blew me away. I have never liked him before but I loved his performance tonight. He is so J.T.-ish.
Kris... I still don't get. I have never disagreed with Matt much on our picks but I just dont dig this guy. I mean I think he sounds good but I don't like to watch him.
Scott - I love love love him and it hurts my heart to say this, but I don't know how much longer he can stick around. I think he is good, but in a very different way than A.I. is all about.
Meagan - did terrible. I do enjoy her interesting voice, but the chicken dance not so much. Plus she just did a terribel job tonight. She sounded much better in that clip with smokey.. She looked like Carrie Underwood tonight! and can I also just say that i HATE it when the contestants
respond to Judge's criticism with " Well I had a good time"... blah blah NObody cares if you had fun up there. You are not there to have fun.. its a contest you know? dang!
Anoop - I thought the verse was rough and the melody was beautiful.
Michael was awful. Dont know what else to say.
Lil Rounds - i just love her and she is sucha great performer.. her hair was shocking.. I wish she had picked a different song!
Adam - he was so funny looking tonight! He reminded me of Tom Cruise! ha but he was awesome as usual. Not as great as ring of fire to me ( which BTW i bought in itunes this week!) but he is definatelty an artist.
Danny - Did a great job. He is so fun and I really like him!
Allison - excellent! Great song choice and i liked how she was sassy with it! She was prob my 2nd fav performance of the night!

I think in the end it will be between Danny & Adam with Adam winning!

All you iphoners out there remember there is an American Idol app that you can judge and rate all the contestants! fun!
What did Ya'll think of it all?


AP said...

Loved, loved, loved Matt, Adam, and Allison!!! Tonight was fab! Loved it!

Mississippi Candice said...

OMG!!! Allison is going to win this shit!!! Her voice is AMAZING! Adam is a fruit cake, and I can't stand him. Megan is BEAUTIFUL, but wasn't so good last night. And I LOVE LOVE ANOOP DOGGGG! Just my thoughts.

grizaham said...

Meghan Joy has the most talent out of all of them...
On a different side of the show.. I got to A LOT of concerts... I would NEVER pay money to see any of these jokers in concert. It amazes me why people would want to see them in concert..
Anywho, i stil watch every week and voted for Meghan about 250 times last night.. ;)

chad g. said...

Megan is hawt bizness. She makes me "wanna leave da one I'm wit and start a new relationship wit you" all Usher-style. Her singing is gawd awful and if she ever tries to dance on stage again I'll throw up on my remote control.

Adam's a badass. He's weird, sure, but he'd be awesome in a heavy metal band and I like heavy metal a LOT.

All those other dudes are queer little pedophiles and they all sound the same. You think you sound good in the shower when you have that whole echo effect going on and shampoo over your ears but on stage you're just a gay little noob.

Alison will win. 16 years old and she kicks everyone's ass.

Scott Terry said...

Love adam and allison. They are my top two picks. Danny and Anoop are right behind them.

matthill said...

i love adam!!!!! mostly because he is a "fruitcake" and he really is the best (whole different league). i hope his GAY ass wins the whole thing. meagan is a joke. i heart anoop and danny and allison the rest need to just go ahead and go home. and laurical i just think chris is hot mostly starting to get over him. good day! so glad michael went home!!!

jenn said...

LG- thanks for the shout out! Sorry I missed last week. I was working and watched them all late! UGH! Work -
Anyway, your piano man has to go.... he better "have fun out there tonight" b/c he's going home... :)

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