Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American IDol Season 8: The Michael Jackson Round

I am way behind on my AI coverage.. sorry peeps but we are way behind on our TIVO. OUr family has a strong commitment to the television. There I said it, and I am not even really that embarrassed! This season is so strange to me the elimination process and all of that. Its hard to follow and I was BLOWN AWAY with who they chose for Wild Card round. I mean, Vaugh? Are you kidding me?
Paula is still cracking me. She's a rambler.

Woah, Lil Rounds is really coming up to the front here! She can sing like no other and is a fantastic entertainer. After she sang Mary J I think she became my new fav! Her outfit tonight was kind of a struggle though.

I still love Scott! I wanna cry every time i see him because he is just so sweet and pleasant and boy has he got nerve getting up on that stage without being able to see his way around. That has to be incredibly hard. I didn't care for his song choice though!

JessiD. I totally thought of you when Danny sang PYT. I was shocked seeing him be so energetic but I enjoyed it and still love him too! I really enjoy his humility as well. He had great commentary to the judge's remarks.

Chris: This is the first time I have noticed or liked him really. I love that song "remember the time" and he did well with the singing but that guitar was a cluster. He should have left it behind. He also screamed sometimes, I can totally see him sing some Maroon 5.

Allison: she totally made MJ sound rockerish and she can sing and performs well. Just not that drawn to her. I loved her purple hair though! she does these horrible things with her mouth, liek facial expressions that wreck me, as well as when she speaks. ugh

Anoop looked realy cute! I liked his hair cut and i always love his song choices, except I thought Beat it is so overdone he should have done a differnt song. Maybe Billy Jean. His parents were PRESH!
Jorge is so cute and funny! I always enjoy his person but never so much his singing. Was glad he chose Jackson 5 though! I look forward to a stylist getting a hold of him.

Megan - I think she is beautiful and I love her tattoos. I HATE her dancing though, what is that jig she does and she totally did it again tonight. dang. I dont think I can take much more of that.

Adam - I normally love but was disappointed tonight. his outfit was horrible and he was pretty screamy. He will be in the final 3 I really think!

Matt Giraud - he has this smoldering angry look on his face all the time which is bothersome to me but I do think he could be another JT. His MJ song was boring to me though

I'm a Fan: Danny. Lil Rounds, Scott, Adam, alexis

On My Nerves: Jasmine (loved her dress though), meghan,

Indifferent/Boring: Michael S,Chris,

What did you guys think?


What I Know said...

Like the new blog design...don't like Americal Idol. I watched it once a few weeks ago and liked the girl that sang betty davis eyes or whatever, but no one else did. BOO.

I've been working on that blog design thing...slow going, but I've got a masthead down.

Mississippi Candice said...

I LOVE ANOOP!! He really should have gone home last night, but I'm glad he stayed. I'm also a big fan of SCOTT & MEGAN.

Hotdog said...

You're like Paula Abdul. "You're singing sucks but your dress is pretty." Way too nice.

auhays said...

Mer and I threw in the towel a few weeks ago, and I must admit I've never felt so FREE!! I think the whole process has gotten stale, and quite frankly haven't heard anyone on this season that I couldn't live without. I did think tryouts were hilarious thought!

grizaham said...

Lots of good talent on that show.. I just love Simon. That guy says everything i want to say! hahaahh

DO NOT like Anoop. Hes worse than Sanjaya from last year..

Scott Terry said...

adam lambert aka "wicked" is my favorite by far!

AndreaLeigh said...

lil sounded good but looked terrible. i love scott but don't think he will make it all the way. love danny. love allison, but she gives terrible interviews. love adam.

i'm glad jorge and jasmine went home.

Anonymous said...

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