Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Country Night

Well that was interesting! I mean.... I thought Adam did a fantastic Doors-like rendition of Ring of Fire but it seemed I was the only one that liked it! What did you guys think?

Danny was great as usual although he struggled a bit!

Meagan looked wonderful and I loved her song choice... now if ONLY we could get rid of that crazy dance!

I can not STAND Kris ( matt i know you wanna kill me for saying that) but seriously he looks like a monkey to me and makes these unbearable facial expressions.... I cant take it.

Im never a big fan of the Country night though. Who did you guys like this week?


grizaham said...

Meghan Joy!

Scott Terry said...

i loved Adam. He is so ahead of his time!

Julie Bray said...

I like Adam too! He's my favorite. Hope he makes it far and gets a good record! Matt is good too- especailly after seeing him last night.
Really can't stand the dancing by Meagan. She sounds good, but the same each time. One hit wonder....

The Living Legend of West Byrd Street - a.k.a. B-Unit said...

Adam almost caused me to break my tv.. I can't believe they would allow someone to trash a legendary song like that..while he obviously wasn't the worst performer of the night, I wanted him voted off simply because it pained me to listen to someone kill a Johnny Cash song...there are some things you just dont mess with.. or remix (thanks Snoop Dogg.. Johnny Cash shouldn't be remixed with a hip-hop beat either) - Funny to hear that coming from me.. I know..

jenn said...

well, i really try to hate Adam, but alas i can not. he sings like an angel. ~~~if you can get past the weird shit~~~ i can however hate megan. THAT DANCIN~~~` ugh!!!!! i am glad that what's her name went home. she was good, but not great. the best part of the show was the look that Randy Travis had when he met Adam. I think that he thought he was gonna catch something from him!
Also~~~ Carrie Underwood is the best ever.... did you HEAR her sing that song?!?!?!?! W.O.W!!!
OH- and LG- i like Kris... ;)

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