Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Choose your own song

woah... where to start....

I enjoy Anoop and I like that he does R&B so well.. maybe not the perfect song for him but I still thought it was just good... however if he wants to sing Usher he needs to acquire some sexy dance moves as well.. Erik thinks he needs to " go back to the lab and separate blood from plasma"

Megan... oooooooooooooooooohhhhh NO.YOU.DIDNT.
She totally butchered one of my all time favorite songs.. a beautiful song.. and with a voice like hers I think she should be VERY picky about what she chooses to sing, OR sing in a normal voice... you know? As much as Erik loves her and and will definitely vote for her.. he covered his ears while she was singing several times.. ha and also I would just like to say I saw Amy Winehouse on TV last week and realized that is exactly who she is trying to be with the voice, the chicken dance and the tattoo arm. Seriously.. You tube Amy and see.

Danny! Loved that song but I didn't think it was as awesome as they thought ! I love the way he does sell his songs and seem to really be emotionally involved. His backup singers kind of messed him up a bit though.

Allison... that was probably my favorite performance she has ever done! Randy was right about her being off beat a bit and for sure was correct about her outfit. What the H man. Do they even have a stylist? She looks like Betsey Johnson threw up on her.

Scott.. so funny that he did Billy Joel cause that is who he has always made me think of. His hair was not good though. I thought that was definitely his best performance cause he seemed more confident/comfortable.

Matt - started out rough but I did like it. He lost his key a few times too i think. I think he is good and was really surprised that he was in the bottom last week, but he always looks mean or scowling so maybe that is why no one votes for him? but i mean meagan def has to go before he does! are you kiddin me?

Lil - Still has the hair and I don't think I like it. Also that dress was ill-fitted.. and she needs to stick to Mary J... She used to be my fav and now I forget she is even in the competition.

Adam... oh boy Adam.... i HATE that song. Every cover band in American plays that song it reminds me of being back in college in a Fratty Band Barn... Did he do a nice version of the song yes.. did I like it NO. so sad...

Kris/Monkey Boy - nice mustache dude. Lots.of.Facial.expressions. & boring. he really should do some mraz.

And what did you guys think? Who is your #1 and Who is going home? Leave some comments!


jenn said...

holy moly~ I bet fox is cryin' that was bad.
My first comment is for the judges- I'm sick of the 'wrong song' comment. They SAID they can pick whatever they want! GEEZ!!!!!
Anoop_ just not sure about him...
Alison- i wore a dress like that to an 80's bachelorette party. She was NOT impressive to me.
Scott- Thank the Lord he couldn't see that hair.
Matt- I'm not sure what the producers were doing to him tonight, but that gaggle of fans... that bright light that blinded me... not a good night for my fav.
Lil- po' thang can S.I.N.G. but can't get it right. and- BABY GOT BACK!!!
Adam- well, at least i remember what he sings. he does tend to screech....
Chris- my winner for the night (sorry LG) I thought that he did really well and AT LEAST changed the song a little. :)
I left Danny out on purpose. I just don't know what to say about him. . .
:) thanks for the post Laura!

grizaham said...

separate plasma from blood is prob more accurate...
adam i thought was the best til Kris played.
voted 50 times for meghan. thats all i could do.
there should be one more episode - Kris, Adam, Scott.

long live simon

Mississippi Candice said...

I LOVE ANOOP! May have a minor crush on him. hmmm
Allison is by far the most talented singer, not her best night.
Kris ROCKED THE HOUSE!!! Wow, he has been flying under the radar, but not anymore.
Adam, WOW at the makeup, geeze, it is so gross. GO HOME!
Poor Megan, she is precious, but how about some Joplin or something?
Lil Rounds? Horrible song, how about some Mary J?
Those are my thoughts....

The Living Legend of West Byrd Street - a.k.a. B-Unit said...

how in the hell can you "rag" on Kris and complement Matt this week??? Kris did an awesome version of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine" and has consistently performed very well, while two weeks in a row Matt has "blown chunks"!!! His Marvin Gaye performance last week was horrendous and then he followed it up with a lame "cover" of the Fray... I just don't get.. he isn't the only one though.. some of these kids need big help in picking songs..... "BIG HELP" and as for you not liking Adam's remix, are you crazy!! I didn't think I would ever like him after he ruined and disgraced "Ring of Fire", but anybody who can sing Tracks of my Tears like he did, and be creative enough to slow down Play that Funky Music is truly a creative performer.. anyways.. that is my 2 cents.. and then some :) -- oh yeah.. P.S. - who the hell is Mehgan sleeping with to still be in the competition?? she is HORRIBILE!!!!

The Living Legend of West Byrd Street - a.k.a. B-Unit said...

me again.. just in case you didn't know.. I think Anoop is the "Indian Ray Ramano" .. looks just like him....

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