Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Media Worth Checking Out!

Chris Cornell working with Timbaland.. now that I gotta hear! I always like Chris!

American Idol Season 8: Choose your own song

woah... where to start....

I enjoy Anoop and I like that he does R&B so well.. maybe not the perfect song for him but I still thought it was just good... however if he wants to sing Usher he needs to acquire some sexy dance moves as well.. Erik thinks he needs to " go back to the lab and separate blood from plasma"

Megan... oooooooooooooooooohhhhh NO.YOU.DIDNT.
She totally butchered one of my all time favorite songs.. a beautiful song.. and with a voice like hers I think she should be VERY picky about what she chooses to sing, OR sing in a normal voice... you know? As much as Erik loves her and and will definitely vote for her.. he covered his ears while she was singing several times.. ha and also I would just like to say I saw Amy Winehouse on TV last week and realized that is exactly who she is trying to be with the voice, the chicken dance and the tattoo arm. Seriously.. You tube Amy and see.

Danny! Loved that song but I didn't think it was as awesome as they thought ! I love the way he does sell his songs and seem to really be emotionally involved. His backup singers kind of messed him up a bit though.

Allison... that was probably my favorite performance she has ever done! Randy was right about her being off beat a bit and for sure was correct about her outfit. What the H man. Do they even have a stylist? She looks like Betsey Johnson threw up on her.

Scott.. so funny that he did Billy Joel cause that is who he has always made me think of. His hair was not good though. I thought that was definitely his best performance cause he seemed more confident/comfortable.

Matt - started out rough but I did like it. He lost his key a few times too i think. I think he is good and was really surprised that he was in the bottom last week, but he always looks mean or scowling so maybe that is why no one votes for him? but i mean meagan def has to go before he does! are you kiddin me?

Lil - Still has the hair and I don't think I like it. Also that dress was ill-fitted.. and she needs to stick to Mary J... She used to be my fav and now I forget she is even in the competition.

Adam... oh boy Adam.... i HATE that song. Every cover band in American plays that song it reminds me of being back in college in a Fratty Band Barn... Did he do a nice version of the song yes.. did I like it NO. so sad...

Kris/Monkey Boy - nice mustache dude. Lots.of.Facial.expressions. & boring. he really should do some mraz.

And what did you guys think? Who is your #1 and Who is going home? Leave some comments!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Alot of Excitement around these parts lately...

So last week I forgot to tell you guys about the house critter! Erik was at work and I was up to work in my office and right away I heard a noise upstairs... a LOUD noise. I immediately assumed someone was up there and got scared to death. I waited and heard it again and again and it sounded like someone tried to get out of the room. I got my gun and went outside on the porch and called some neighbor mens to come and investigate. Well no answers.. I called Erik at work and he says he heard it too and wanted me to go investigate assuring me no person was up there. He could hear the noise too, like something banging the vent.. and I was still too scared to totally investigate it. I finally got a neighbor man to come over and he searched this house high and low for the animal, animal droppings or any evidence of something being trapped indoors. Of coarse when he was here, there was ZERO noise. So right as he is about to leave I am telling him the creature probably killed itself banging into the vent so hard and then IT HAPPENED again! He turned around and said... I dont think its a bird or a squirrel/rat... its your SHREDDER. Yeah... you know the ones that shred papers... well it was left plugged in ( snugs) and it came to life on its on and was jumping around and smashing in to the wall and vent... mystery solved and I felt like a super huge idiot. ha but was relieved nothing was gonna die in our house. The whole time this was happening NEITHER of my very barkity dogs were alarmed.. they acted as if they didnt hear it which was really confusing to me until I figured out they were smarter than mom and NOT scared of SHREDDERS.
and then last night at about 11pm bubs and I were having a great TV night and Ralphie started barking alarmingly from the living room, I go out and it looks like a techo dance party in our living room, and dining room, and office... well turns out the Police mens were in our driveway with a car they had pulled over. It went on for 2o mins or so .. and we were convinced there was gonna be some shooting, but instead they searched the car, arrested the driver and the chick who was coughing like she had bronchitis, got to drive away. Crisis averted.. however now I am even more excited about our new front doors that will finally be ready to install this week!

Here is Erik watching them from Bossie's look out spot:
And then tonight.. while talking to our neighbor over our decks.. we were grilling out and I put bread in the oven and forgot it.. and then we all heard this noise and were like "what is that" and we are looking around before we realize its our smoke detectors and i had turned that delish bread into charcoal. dang! If only I weren't so ADD....

I Heart Hobby Lobby.... ( and anything Holiday-ish)

Today the snugs and I set out for Hobby Lobby to get a Shadow Box for the famous puck ( mentioned below) and i got *so* distracted by everything in there. Both the Holiday and Outdoor sections were beautiful! This is when bubs said that he purposely scheduled lunch AFTER shopping so that I would be too hungry to shop. ha... yeah right.
Anyway... see this St. Patty's Day Decorations? Wells... they were 90% off so a total of $24.97 was brought down to $2.50! Now that is my kind of shopping. I hope I have the same luck after Easter cause I dont have near enough Easter Decor....

OutDoor Updates...

J. Gro's bench updated with fun pillows:
These pretty flowers are everywhere in our hood. One day I will plant some...
Snubs built me a Gardening Station today!
Vintage Table cloth I got at a Thrift Store in Mobile looks beautiful with my green chairs!

Snugs Caught The Puck!

Saturday Night at the preds game, the one game I didn't go to, Snugs caught a hockey puck RIGHT in front of sister Julie's face! Everyone was very excited about his hero moment so needless to say this puck will make it to a shadow box!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Blog Look!

Some of you have mentioned over the weekend the new blog look and it seems to be popular! I too love it. I am so into that 50's light turquoise and green color these days so I feel like I will love it for a long time!
I have a poll in the sideline where I would love for you guys to vote b.c I am so curious if I have more male or female readers on here!

Also I have that "followers box" thing in the right margin that is looking so sad and lonely! Please add your face to that box and thanks to those who already have!

Have Ya'll Ever Head of The Angola Prison Rodeo?


We were invited to an Earth Hour Party last night in our neighborhood, and for those of you that don't know everyone in the city of Nashville was to turn off all their lights at 8:30 pm for an hour to make a statement about being more aware of energy use.. etc.
Anyway it was a lovely party where I met lots of interesting people, and learned about this Angola Prison Rodeo from Justin. It's a crazy thing the New Orleans Prison does which combines a rodeo and Arts & crafts festival. It happens twice a year in April and October and basically they tape a poker chip the head of a massive bull and all the prisoners that want to can try and remove the chip from the bulls head ( for money if they are successful). Huge crowds show up to watch this, which totally reminds me of ancient roman times where they had arenas of similar gore. I can't even believe it's legal.... also .. how do they make sure no prisoners get loose? ha
The intriguing part for me is they also allow the prisoners to sell their artwork and crafts for real cheap. I can only imagine what its like....
and right after I wrote this post, I was reading Southern Living, which I NEVER read... and there was a whole write up in there on this Angola Rodeo... How crazy is that timing? .... and also maybe I have underestimated the value of Southern Living Mag!

Flea Market Finds : March 2009

Saturday I took my neighbor J.Gro to the flea market for her first time EVER. We had the greatest time as it was one of the biggest ones I have ever been to! We found lots of fun trinkets. She was after a new bench for her porch and bought this one made from old doors! its super cute and she plans to put a bunch of printed pillows on it.
I found a few sets of melmac. Not the color I collect but since they were like $1 for each color I just got them anyway to trade around on ebay, or maybe one day I will be like Martha Stewart with a set of dishes in every color! ha Also got a lone Champagne glass for my mix -match collection.

I got this sparkly ring, or maybe Keisha got it? Either way I love it! $5 and it sparkles more than these pics could ever convey. Normally I only like huge $3 earrings when it comes to jewelry but this piece reminds me alot of my Nanny so I had to get it.

and the previously discussed necklace!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Return of the Bib Necklace

Bib and Statement necklaces are huge right now and I love them cause they can totally make your outfit. I have not seen any though that I love love or that are in my price range. J.CRew has tons of cute ones on the models in their magazines and alot of TV characters are wearing some neat ones too. Samples below:

This one is from Urban Outfitters and is actually one of my favorites and not too $$
But in order to be cheap, creative and Vintage, I am trying to make my own. SO, while flea marketing this weekend I started collecting some 60's broaches in my Fav. color combo (60's patriotic) and here is what I have so far:

Still need to add some smaller pieces and change the layout a bit.. do you dig it or no?

Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm Kinda Obsessed with this Video....

I love folk-ish sounds like their voices and the harmony, but I think also the absolute time warp they are living in is fascinating.. I mean doesn't this look so 70's? For some reason that is super neat to me. I would probably buy their album. The name of the band is First Aid Kit and I think they are from Sweden! They are covering a Fleet Foxes song which is a band I learned about from Hazers.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol Season 8: MoTown Night ( MY fav.)

First let me say that I love all the comments from Brent and cousin Jenn! Thanks Guys. Ya'll always have something interesting to say! Hays you should totally be watching this show. Don't boycott next year OK?
Matt G.. blew me away. I have never liked him before but I loved his performance tonight. He is so J.T.-ish.
Kris... I still don't get. I have never disagreed with Matt much on our picks but I just dont dig this guy. I mean I think he sounds good but I don't like to watch him.
Scott - I love love love him and it hurts my heart to say this, but I don't know how much longer he can stick around. I think he is good, but in a very different way than A.I. is all about.
Meagan - did terrible. I do enjoy her interesting voice, but the chicken dance not so much. Plus she just did a terribel job tonight. She sounded much better in that clip with smokey.. She looked like Carrie Underwood tonight! and can I also just say that i HATE it when the contestants
respond to Judge's criticism with " Well I had a good time"... blah blah NObody cares if you had fun up there. You are not there to have fun.. its a contest you know? dang!
Anoop - I thought the verse was rough and the melody was beautiful.
Michael was awful. Dont know what else to say.
Lil Rounds - i just love her and she is sucha great performer.. her hair was shocking.. I wish she had picked a different song!
Adam - he was so funny looking tonight! He reminded me of Tom Cruise! ha but he was awesome as usual. Not as great as ring of fire to me ( which BTW i bought in itunes this week!) but he is definatelty an artist.
Danny - Did a great job. He is so fun and I really like him!
Allison - excellent! Great song choice and i liked how she was sassy with it! She was prob my 2nd fav performance of the night!

I think in the end it will be between Danny & Adam with Adam winning!

All you iphoners out there remember there is an American Idol app that you can judge and rate all the contestants! fun!
What did Ya'll think of it all?

The Grizas are Going to the Gorge!

We got an email last night that we FINALLY won some Phish tickets in the lottery! They are to the Gorge in Washington. Erik and I have never been there ( to the Gorge or Washington) and so we are really excited about that AND our friends here in Nash Chad & Cory Holder also won! so we can all go together.
I think it is safe to say that we shall be eating Ramen noodles all summer due to our extensive concert series, and I think it is a beautiful and fun thing that I married someone who loves music as much as I do and wants to go to the Gorge rather than all the other things in life that cost money. ha
Life is Good.

Let me Tell Ya'll About Something COOL!

My mom, the never failing internet Goddess found this really cool site where you can submit design questions to a professional and get answers based on how much you pay. That is really SUPER DUPER neat!
I know that designers are talented and well worth the $, but for some reason I can never fully submit to the idea of hiring one. I've got a pretty talented family when it comes to all of that and they have been kind enough to advise and arrange and hand me down and purchase us many wonderful things. Sometimes though, I have a specific thing I would like to know about, for instance our exterior colors bug me.
It is the trend in this neighborhood to use 3 colors to accent your house. I LOVE that about our hood. These are not the greatest pictures but see below for the 3 color scheme trend.

Our House too has 3 colors Burgandy, Gold and one hue darker than gold. The problem is the 2 yellows are so similar in color you cant tell the difference. I have no plans of anytime soon having all that repainted, but one day I will and I would love for a professional to advise me the color that would look the best.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Useful Knowledge: Food Facts

I find myself calling my mom or nonie pretty often to ask them if it is OK to eat or cook something that has been in the fridge for a while, So yesterday when I saw this on GMA I found it very interesting.
For instance: Last week when the produce guy harrassed me until I bought 2 heads of Cabbage... I got home and thought what the heck majeck am I to do with 2 heads of cabbage? Well turns out when you have too much fruit or veggies to eat before the expiration date you can do this thing called Blanching and then Freeze them. To blanch you cut up the fruits, boil in salty water for 3 minutes then Freeze.

Bacon shelf life: 7 days in fridge and 1 month in freezer

Cold cuts Shelf Life 3-5 days open in fridge/ Deli Meats 1-3 days in fridge

Never store cheese in plastic wrap. Use wax paper and foil. If your cheese gets moldy you can cut off the mold on hard cheese but must throw away soft cheese when it gets moldy.

You can read the whole article here

and then go HERE to read this interesting artcile on Organic Foods from NY Times. ( thanks cory)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Want a Really Neat Hair Dryer?

I have been mildly interested in them, but never interested enough to pay the big price tag... so I found a very interesting article in ShopSmart Magazine Jan. Issue( Think consumer reports but more fun to read) and they do some SERIOUS testing on blow dryers.
They rate the top 3 dryers as:
CHI Pro Dryer GF 1505 $99
Bespoke Labs T3 Featherweight 83808-se $147
Revlon Ionic Ceramic Pro Stylist RV484 $30

But then i saw THIS on another blog and was mystified! Can a hair dryer really do that? and for only $30! Matt? what is your opinion and is this bad for the hair ( breakage?) ... You can watch a video of it in action HERE
Pretty crazy huh? If anyone buys this and tries it PLEASE tell me what you think!

You Must Try This!!

Embedded Recipe Image (Unsupported on IE 7 and earlier)
Amazing Bread



  1. 1 Loaf of French Bread
  2. 1 Stick of Butter
  3. 1 Packet of Ranch Seasoning


  1. Melt the butter in a bowl and add ranch seasoning powder. Cut the Bread in half. Using a baster spread mixture on the open side of the bread and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.
Search, share, and cook your recipes on Mac OS X with SousChef!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great Buys of the Week:

Fantastic Journals ( Michaels $3.00) Gardening or Travel

Patent Skinny Belt
( Forever 21) $2.50 comes in Yellow, Pink, Aqua & white.
Terry Cloth Maxi Dress ( Target $19.99) comes in Pink, Aqua, White, Grey & Orange

I might Have Gotten A Little Carried Away with the Spray Paint...

These used to be red & black Asian inspired and empty. I painted them green and distressed a bit then added some daisy's to incorporate my green theme all over the back deck
And meet Kermit. Dad, if you are reading this.. sorry but your LARGE ice box, the one where you had marked off lines in inches to measure your fish with.. well it was not cute and you did leave this here on my back porch so it got a makeover! I plan to stencil a design on it as well in some glow in the dark spray paint and keep it around! Oopsie...

The Grizas Need New Mattresses!

The last 2 trips we have taken out of town, we realized that all of our friends and family have fabulous mattresses... and we are still sleeping on Erik's mattresses he bought for college in 1996 that cost $300! No wonder my back hurts everyday! Both Emily AND Susannah made us lay down in their bed to test out their mattresses ( in completely unrelated conversations) when we were in Atlanta. Jason, who is VERY frugal went on and on about how everyone MUST invest in a good mattress... so we were already sold before visiting Celie in Mobile last week.
Her guest bed was amazing and we were both looking forward to going to bed every night! so upon returning home we decided to go mattress shopping.
Our only problem was that we didn't clarify with each other what shopping means. To Laura it means decide first on exactly what you want, then look all over the earth to find it for as cheap as possible. To Erik, mattress shopping meant walking in Macy's, laying on some beds and then pointing to the one he likes and paying for it. Tisk Tisk.. ha but after a couple of fits we were actually successful.
I am more excited about the arrival of this new mattress than many things I can think of! Getting a good nights sleep is really worth it's weight in Gold!
Does anyone out there have mattress feedback or suggestions? We went with Sealy Posturpedic, but we have a 30 day sleep test incase we dont like it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Old Chairs.. revisited.

Remember These?

Well today in the beautiful weather I was able to repaint them. They were in my parents storage unit from YEARS ago of being in my dad's office. He swears he never owned anything so ugly but he did! ha I loved the shape of them because of the 60's vibe...
and went with Avocado green since that is kind of in right now and our porch umbrella is that color. They really brighten things up in the back yard! I plan to use a lot of color out there this summer so next winter when every thing is drab and ugly, the furniture can keep it pretty!
Total for this project was about $6

While Mom's Away .....

When we were out of town last week, little Bossie got sick! She has PINK EYE! yuck. Luckily they were staying with Auntee Juliel who takes extremely good care of them. She and Grum got her to Uncle Louie's to get evaluated and medicated. She has to have eye drops 3 times a day to get rid of the green gunky eye. So pitiful!

In case you have small dogs, you will want to know what causes pink eye. It is commonly caused by having long hairs that get in the eye or hanging their head out of a car window!
Thanks to Julie, Bro & Louie for taking such good care of my little girl! She is almost all betters now!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Country Night

Well that was interesting! I mean.... I thought Adam did a fantastic Doors-like rendition of Ring of Fire but it seemed I was the only one that liked it! What did you guys think?

Danny was great as usual although he struggled a bit!

Meagan looked wonderful and I loved her song choice... now if ONLY we could get rid of that crazy dance!

I can not STAND Kris ( matt i know you wanna kill me for saying that) but seriously he looks like a monkey to me and makes these unbearable facial expressions.... I cant take it.

Im never a big fan of the Country night though. Who did you guys like this week?

Today We Witnessed This:

We were driving from Foley to Mobile and saw this HUGE ordeal at the bank with police everywhere and guns EVERYWHERE and thought some major robbery was underway. Watch the video below and tell me what you think....

Now isnt that ridiculous?! I cant imagine how it went that far without SOLID proof that it was being robbed? What do you guys think? Please explain it to me cause I am confruzzed.

Upcoming project

I found these in my parents mini storage and have big plans for them
Stay tuned!

Julie gets her Job assignment!

Julie has been working at Vandy for a few months now in different areas and at the end of that period all the staff decides who works where permanently. Julie got assigned to the PCCU ( Pediatric Critical Care Unit) which was her first choice so that is very exciting! Congrats Sister!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day One in MonroeTown....

Erik worked a lot last week so he is off for a few days this week and he was dying to come to Monroeville ( where my parents live) and right now, those of you that are from Monroeville and reading this are thinking WHY? and to answer that question I show you some pics of how he starts his day here:

My mom delivering him a big breakfast tray. Not waffles or cereal but fried eggs, cheese grits, sausage and toast. She waits on him hand and foot...
Dang Mom! I better not get expected to do this in Nash! ha

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dr. G's Infamous Flag makes a come back!

Sister Julie took the flag off of Dr. Grahams truck and had it framed really nicely in a huge shadow box! Its really neat since that flag holds LOTS of memories and laughter for so many!

Great Job Juliel!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mis Matched Glassware and Thrifty Shopping

Mary Engelbreit one said "it's liberating not to be matchy matchy" and I agree. It is the theme of my dining room after all. Currently, I am searching for dishes and stuff for my beautiful dining room cabinet and focusing on Champagne flutes right now since I usually host the NYE party in our social circle. I did a little thrift shopping today and got these champagne flutes and napkin rings for $7. The goal is to find all clear glasses that are similar sizes so they look similar but not matching...
I thought I would easily find an inspiring table scape picture on google to demonstrate my idea and have had ZERO luck. so just use your imaginations.... until the day it all comes together HA
I read on another blog how the mis match them is so fun, because its challenging, and it wont matter if one breaks, as you can pretty easily replace them and its also cheap!
True statement!

The Beginnings of a Garden!

Last week I started planting seeds in the new raised bed garden. Wouldnt you know it snowed 3 days later. RAH but i had a back up set as well in this plastic green house thingy.
And here you can see the Brocalli and Green Onions have already started sprouting.
Now that I am learning to cook, I know a little better about what would be a good thing to grow, that we will actually consume a lot of, besides 47 billion tomatoes (like last year). Ha So I am really trying to plant based on what we will actually need and eat. Marti Goemann gave me TONS of seeds last year for all sorts of flowers and garden stuff and I am excited about getting to use them! Thanks Marti! I shall feed you from my Garden this summer!

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