Friday, February 6, 2009

Why I have been Absent...

At the Beginning of the week, I took an old hard drive to Mac Authority to have everything taken off of it and put on my computer .. and WOWSERS. It was like a gold mine. I had NO IDEA the treasures that were stored on that thing. Basically all my music & pictures from 2001-2006 (when I got my first macbook. All of our wedding showers, friends weddings, concerts, our entire courtship, and lots of fun pictures of the cousins when they were little and Ralphie's baby pics!
I cant stop organizing them! (or looking at them)... All this time ( since the crash) i thought I was heart broken over losing 4,000 songs that it never occured to me the priceless pics that I also lost! I am sooooooo THANKFUL to have them back. I say to you all now, BACKUP your computers. You will really regret it if you dont!
Here's a little gem of a pic:
Richard and Anna at Christmas 2002
Supper Steller outfits like this one: WSP 2005

Precious 1 month olf Ralphie:
And pics of when Ralphie started communicating:

I told ya'll he was brilliant!


Cary said...

So what is the verdict? Are y'all gonna me grandarents?

grizaham said...

Those are some sweets pics! Love that WSP outfit!!!

AndreaLeigh said...

so cute! i totally need to back up. all my pics are on my computer and i'd be devastated if they were lost. note to self...

Julie said...

Baby Ralphie is so cute! He used to chew on my hair when he was that age! ha ha

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