Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What you see here is a MASTERPIECE!

Here is my garden last year. It was cute...

and here is my new garden for 2009! My bubs outdid himself!
Now, dont be fooled! There was a moment of him cussing, kicking stuff around and saying he would much rather BUY his vegetables.. ha but in the end we were both very pleased!
We had all these random wood pieces in our garage that were in the way and needed to be taken out, so they were used in this project, making it free! We dont own a wheel barrow, unfortunately... and when I saw how much they cost I about died! But Erik being the smarty pants that he is , came up with this brilliant idea of taking a tarp and filling it with dirt then dragging it across the yard. It worked perfectly and was also FREE. ha
My mom found some awesome links for us so you can check them out below if you are interested!
How to build a Vegetable Bed

Seasonal Planting Info for Tenn.


auhays said...

That is a great looking mini-garden! Props to 'Rik! Mr. Migayi would be proud of his skills. He should try his hand at bonsai trees

The Living Legend of West Byrd Street - a.k.a. B-Unit said...

Laura, you will no doubt have an excellent crop this year if you remember to take Dr. James Brown's advice that he passed down to 99% of the Auburn Student body that took Organic Gardening! What a wonderful class,and a tremendous experience! One could almost claim that you had to take that class to fully experience all Auburn has to offer and to claim yourself as an alumnus of such a prestigious place! :)

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