Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WHAT is that Smell?

For a while now, off and on, we have had this stench in our house. It smelled like sulfur. I would tell Erik, and he would tell me I was crazy. I remember one night coming home from a Hockey Game and it was Erik, Julie & I and Julie agreed there was DEF a stinky smell. I googled "sulfur smell or rotten eggs" and came up with ideas about a gas leak, which i was fairly certain was not our problem. Well today the stink came back and was pretty strong and awful. I finally called James, the resident rockstar of plumbing and he rushed right over cause he too thought it was a gas leak. He "soaped" all our gas lines and there was no leak. What he DID find however was TWO open sewage pipes in our basement. It has been crazy windy here today and all that wind stirred up the smell i suppose. GROSS huh! Anyway he fixed us right up and I am excited that the mystery has been solved and that the stench will be gone forever!
I am blogging about it now so that whenever some other unlucky soul googles this problem, maybe they will come upon this blog and see an alternative answer! Blehk!
Oh the joys of an older home.


Courtney said...

Go you knowing that sulfur could be a gas leak! That could have been dangerous. Glad you got it fixed!!

grizaham said...

As usual great work on the find Laura!!

Amy said...

Laura, your sense of smell never ceases to amaze me!

Lindsey said...

Old houses are like a box of never know what you're going to get. Seriously! Glad you figured out the smell;)

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