Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Somebody Help me! I want Grass!

Look at this junk! This is NOT grass! What can I do? Bryan maybe you have some ideas? Is it the right time of year to even be worrying about this or what?
Then below you see my future Garden for this summer! Just in case the world goes to hell ( or the economy) I will be growing all of our own food ( or trying) and this year I will learn how to preserve it! Deborah had some great ideas about raised beds! so Soon as Erikface gets tired of my nagging I expect he will build me these raised beds you see below! Then I will fill them with all of my lovely compost I made last year.
The Fence will keep little doggles out. Little doggles who weigh about 400lbs and think Tomatoe plants are their own personal TREAT trees. Yummers..
There was quite a collection of unripe cherry tomatoes under our bed last year.

PS... I cant draw straight lines (I'm sure you've noticed!).... so please forgive the wobly drawing!

1 comment:

grizaham said...

Green fluffy grass would b nice but who knows! Lots of work for Erik it seems. ;)

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