Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Weekend In Review: The killers, Cory's B'day, Escape Day Spa

We saw The Killers this weekend ! Awesome as always. They had a beautiful stage and some fun confetti again too! The only downfall was the girl next to me who insisted on being in my personal space with all her arm pumping and hand gestures.
If you get a chance to go see them you totally should, as they are great in concert! Brandon was wearing some Haute Couture feather shouldered jacket which was pretty rad.

We followed the concert with a Birthday celebration for Cory who turns 30 tomorrow! Happy Birthday Cory! We had a birthday dinner for Coco on Friday with some delicious oysters and sushi! Sunday was girls Spa Day at Escape Day Spa. If I had a bajillion dollars I would go every week! That place was amazing! The relaxing room had a beautiful navy ceiling with twinkling stars and a water fountain in the center of the room.
I enjoyed my 1st Microderm abrasion, which feels like a suction cup cleaning all of your pores! I highly recommend it!


grizaham said...

Heck of good time.. Looking forward to the next one.........

AndreaLeigh said...

i'm glad you enjoyed the concert and the microderm. I did it twice... the first was great, and the second I peeled so bad that I didn't even want to leave the house. yikes!

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