Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Weekend In Review: Jessi D & Dusty's Wedding!

Boy what a weekend! We had a fantastic time in Birmingham! We got to see Matt friday and he worked his usual magic. We some delish food at O'Carrs and then on to the festivities. Dusty gave a great speech at dinner and told everyone of how we meet in 97 when I had pink hair, and he was pledging and would come to class and go straight to sleep and I would take 2 sets of notes one for him and one for me! ha ( I cant beleive I was so nice!dang!) but then fast foward about 6 years and we ran into each other became friends again and then he is the reason I met Erik and I am the reason he and Jessica met! What a neat love story!
The wedding festivities were all very neat and personal, and FUN. Below are the ladies who won the "Best Dressed" of the night! Dusty's mom, who always dresses cute! Momma I think this outfit would look really cute on you as well!

Then Candace, who Matt calls Gwynneth. Her dress was fabulous and everyone there was admiring it! If anyone ever sees this dress for sale someone please let me know! (its BCBG) Besides that fierce neck it also had a bubble skirt, pockets and a pretty back.
Then look at these studs!! We have not seen Tommy Mathews in YEARS. It was so fun to get caught up with him. Houston , who we love dearly! We have not seen him since '05 I think? He also is a loyal reader of the blog which both impressed me, and touched my heart! Thanks Houston! Sigma Chi for life baby!
Then my partners in crime for the night!
And JessiD's pretty cake. Her dress was really neat too. She deisgned it and had it made by someone so it was very unique. Her hair was also really cool. I wish I had a good pic of that to show off. Melisa did a bang up job!


Mississippi Candice said...

YAY ME!!! I love being best dressed!!! We had so much fun with you guys. I will update my blog tomorrow so check it out!

Anonymous said...

great seeing you guys. what a fun party. keep up the good blogging work! however, sigma chi for life?...not so much. -houston

LG said...

I was being sarcastic Houstonion!

Anonymous said...

i know, but i'm an engineer and have to clarify every detail! i'll give you guys a shout the next time i'm in nashville visiting my sister. -houston

Lindsey said...

Lovin' all the pics! Yay for Jessica and Dusty! Very exciting;)

grizaham said...

It was a great time with good peeps and good food! ;)

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