Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Organizing: Appliances & Home Maintenance

Before we get started take a look at this book! Its pretty Rawsome! ( Rad+Awesome). It is essential in running a smooth household on the maintenance end. It costs about $20... depending on where you buy it. You can buy one online here and see lots of pics of the inside.
You can create your own sections so mine are things like Electrical, Plumbing, Appliances, Paint swatches ... things I will need to reference back to. Above you see a paint sample for every room in our house down to the color & namebrand.

Then on to the Appliance section. This one is important because
A) they cost tons of money
B.) all this info is required for having them serviced or using any warranties.

I have folders in a special file box for all appliance instruction books, receipts etc. In the book above I have worksheets ( which you can print off the Real Simple website by clicking HERE) recording things like Model & Serial Numbers and date of purchase as well as a separate sheet, that I made in google documents where i record when/why it was worked on, and by whom. I forget everything, so this is essential.
The other day when the Microwave man came to work on the microwave, I wish i had known he has been here before and totally gets on my nerves. He is the one who thinks I am his helper to hand him the tools and hold up the microwave while he uses the drill!@#$%^&*(
Nonie said I should ask him for a discount to pay me for my time and labor! Ha and i totally will do that next time! Anyway I say all of this , to say notes are important when your memory fails you.Also, if anything ever happened to me, I have arranged for Susannah to come run my household (i.e. Take care of my snugs) and she will need all these notes.


Courtney said...

I NEED this!!!

Lori C. said...

Sigh! Laura - why can't I be all organized like you? I really want to be but just can't seem to get it all together. Won't you just come to funroeville for a week or so and get me on track?!?! :)

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